Our Faith


I know that there are many of you who have already experienced something very similar to what we are going through. You may even be experiencing it right now. And if not you, someone you are very close to and care very much about may be. So in your case I am preaching to the choir as the old saying goes.

We have already had some previous discussion with regards to a couple of attitudes I have been convicted of, two of which I labeled Our Trust and Our Thanks. One of the first reactions we have when something like this occurs is to hang on to the question, why me? This leads us to the realization that we are no better than anyone else so we must trust that God has something in store for us. For me this led to another revelation about myself that I didn’t realize was as bad as it was. I just thought I was truly thankful but the circumstances that have come my way proved that was not as thankful for the simple things as I should be. And this is where we left off last week.

Tonight I want to consider another topic which actually has both trust and thanks woven all through it. I want to consider Our Faith. This is an all encompassing subject because there are so many atttributes and parts to it that makes it almost impossible to wrap it up in a neat ball. But if we go back to the original definition found in God’s Word and use it for our basis, I think we can understand how fundamental it is to what and who we really are. Faith is; the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We’ve read and heard these words many times through the years but I’m not sure that we understand the significance of them. Hebrews chapter 11 calls out a number of the past heroes of the faith and you find one thing in common among all of. They believed God! And their faith was counted as righteousness on their behalf.

But the question that arises for us becomes “how do we hold on to our faith during the times of dark trouble? Well, after trying to answer that question in many ways such as reading books, talking to others that think they have the answer, and even looking for some new revelation in God’s Word. I know that we are justified by faith and we are to live by faith and not by sight. These are certainly fundamentals of our faith. But can we sum it up in just a few words? Yes and here they are. Believe God!. It is that simple, just believe God. Believe what He said, believe what He did. Believe the promises that He has given us. Just believe God!








2 thoughts on “Our Faith

  1. Don SHARP

    Bro. David, Thank you for you continued exercise of your “Faith” and sharing it with us that we might develop a stronger faith in our daily walks with God. And I agree “Believe in God” !!!
    God please give Bro. David “More Grace” in this time of trials and may you get all the Glory.
    Thanks you Jesus for what YOU are about to do.


    1. Sharon

      David, your post is such a testimony of your faith and Christian walk with the Lord! I’m so honored and proud to have you as my brother. So many times we say to others that we are trusting God in all things, but yet we are still trying to fix some of those things ourselves. I know I’m sure guilty of it. However, I truly believe that you have laid all things at the feet of Jesus and that He has His loving arms wrapped around you in order for you to feel His grace and mercy and to know, that you know, He’s the great physician, the almighty healer, and true comforter in times of trouble! Fight on, for you are never alone in your fight! Love you so very much!!


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