Our Thanks

Last week we began a discussion about the things that God teaches us during times of difficult circumstances. We began the series talking about our failures to trust Him in all things. Sometimes we deceive ourselves into believing that we are trusting Him when really we are still placing too much emphasis on what we can do. But He eventually brings us to a point that we realize we can do nothing without Him, if we continue to yield to His will. Tonight, I want to consider the subject of Our Thanks.

Last year we were in the Smokey Mountains with some dear friends and the girls were shopping in some of the quaint gift shops that you find everywhere there. I walked into one of the shops that specializes in making wood signs with inscriptions on them and as I was looking around I saw a sign up on the top shelf in the corner of the shop. This one particular sign caught my attention by the words inscribed on it. It read like this. “What if you had awakened this morning to only those things you had thanked God for yesterday?” I stood there a minute to contemplate what I had just read and suddenly there was a panic that swept across me because of the impact it had just made on my mind and heart. Wow! Could I even remember what I thanked Him for that morning or was it like it is some mornings, just a matter of routine and repetition from the previous day or earlier in the week? And there I stood with another day in front of me with everything God had blessed me with and continues to do so in spite of my own self. I made my mind up right then that I would thank Him every morning for those that I love and those precious treasures He has given me and then all of the other things he blesses me with for my own pleasure. But most of all for His precious gift of salvation.

Sometimes, and probably more oft than not, our expressions of thanks are very slim and shallow and we just go on about our business without giving Him a second thought. May God help us!!!

One thought on “Our Thanks

  1. Neal willis

    David you first said this about thanking God for what we were blessed with the day before. I love this phrase , it says it all about being grateful.. Thank you for reminding us of it once more.keep your great attitude and we will keep praying. Love you brother. Neal


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