He’s In Control

I want to take a few minutes first to update you on what has gone on since my post of last week. It is very hard to keep everyone updated with out trying to do several folks at the same time. I also want to say a special thanks to those that have commented on the post last week and I’m slowing getting caught up with responses to them. And thanks to all of you for continuing to pray for me and Iurge you to especially remember my family during this time.

Two of my daughters came with us to Houston which was a great comfort and blessing in itself. I had my appointment with the Oncologist on Tuesday and he was very thorough in his explanation as to what is happening inside my body at the present time. The tumor is certainly large and the cancer is somewhat rare in nature. He explained that the PET Scan I had done on Friday before we left revealed I have a small lesion on my adrenal gland on the left kidney. There had not been a scan of my head yet to determine if there is any cancer there. All of this led to the need for some additional testing.

Then on Friday I had a PFT (Pulmonary Fuction Test) to determine if my lungs would be  healthy enough if surgery becomes an option. That testn was very positive so no problem there. Later in the day they did a CT Scan of my head and then another CT scan of my chest and abdomen to determine the exact location of the lesion on the adrenal gland so a needle biopsy can done. This will determine if it is also cancerous which will lead to determine the treament plan that will be required. We are praying that it is benign and no cancer is in the brain because that significantly increases the chances for a possible cure. Otherwise the cancer will be classified as incurable and the treatment plan would be aggressive and an attempt to change it to a manageable chronic disease. We don’t have the schedule for the needle biopsy but think it will be this coming Tuesday. once that test is done we will head back to Muscle Shoals. Our next appountment with the Oncologist is on Friday, August 23, which will give the time needed to get the pathology done on the biopsy tissue and the doctor to determine the treatment protocol.

I hope I have not bored you all the details but I believe the more you know the better you can determine what specifics to pray for. And I know there are so many people out there that has commited to praying for us and I am so personally and eternally grateful.

God is teaching me as He always does through all of this. One of the things I suddenly realized is that He already knew what every cell in my body was doing, even the bad cancer cells. I know He can change that in an instance if so desires but I also realize it may not be in His timing. He may have some other plan that I don’t totally understand, yet whatever it may be I accept it as His will for my life. He will give the grace I need for  the situation at hand. To God be the glory! Please continue to lift my family up in prayer at the same time. they are suffering as much if not more than I am. God bless each of you!