Changed Circumstances

I realize I have not posted in a few weeks and just want to make you aware the posts at this point will be somewhat infrequent. I’m sure most of you are wondering why and these post will explain.

Over the last several weeks I have been experiencing pain in my back that myself along with a number of others assumed was a deep muscle strain that occurred from some of the strenuous work I had been doing. Remodeling a piece of rental property and cleaning up debris from storm damage we incurred has been very stressful.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that there may be something else that was creating the pain and I began to pursue that possibility. My primary care physician scheduled an X-ray of the area of concern and the radiologist saw something that was a change from previous X-rays and my doctor ordered a CT Scan. The results of that test showed a mass that he felt should be tested further. I then underwent a needle biopsy and the results of that were not good. The mass is quite large and is a malignant cancer.

With that news I had an appointment with one of our local oncologists to begin the process of determining a treatment plan. At the same I had him refer me to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas to do an additional evaluation. In the meantime a PET Scan was performed on Friday, August 2, to determine if that is the only cancered area or if it is anywhere else. Results are not expected until early next week.

However, on that same afternoon we received a phone call from MD Anderson with an appointment on Tuesday, August 6 and we were very surprised that it happened that fast. But we certainly are pleased that it was that fast and will be leaving Sunday after lunch headed to Houston.

There are many unanswered questions at this point but we know we serve a great God. Our total trust is in Him and that is a wonderful place to be. We are praying for the best possible outcomes of everything and at the same time we are praying for His strength, courage, grace, and peace to accept what He has in store for this part of our journey. He deserves all the glory and honor no matter what the circumstance are.

There are many people already lifting us up in prayer and we certainly believe prayer changes things. So I ask each of you to please do the same. I will try to keep all of you posted as to our progress. May God richly bless each of you in your walk with Him.

8 thoughts on “Changed Circumstances

  1. Don Sharp

    Bro. David ,
    I think you know that my prayers will be lifting your situation up to God . I know your faith is extremely strong, and I know that God will give you strength for each moment.
    But I also know you are more concerned about others. Family and Friends.
    Love you my Brother!!🙏🙏😪😪😃😃👏👏


    1. Don,
      Thanks again for your support and prayers. They mean a lot to not only me but my family also. His grace is sufficient for every need and we are relying on that.


  2. Bob

    David. We serve a God that can change anything if He so chooses. He will provide Grace to see you through the coming days.
    Love you Brother


    1. Thanks Bob. We are certainly relying on His grace to be sufficient. He has promised that and He never breaks His promise. Please continue to pray for my family because they need to rely on His grace also.


  3. Brennen

    David, I have faith that God’s grace will see you through this time of uncertainty. I look up to you as a man, and as a man of God. You kind of took me under your wing and created a place for me in your ministry during a really low valley in my journey. I have really appreciated your encouragement, and Godly advice and leadership. Stay strong and let us help you with anything you need.
    Love you buddy,


  4. Neal willis

    David ,you’ve been like a brother to me for over 50 yrs. I can honestly say that I know what you are going through. I know it’s scary and seems final , but I’ve been living with cancer for the last five years, watching it go almost away and then come back. The most important thing is to get your treatments started no matter where, here or there. I know the Lord is on your side. He wants you healed, the devil wants you sick. The Lord is in control. I’m praying for you my friend, every day.Neal willis


  5. Kirk Bishop

    Praying God uses you more for His kingdom than ever before. Asking for healing of course and you feel His presence through every step.

    Love you brother!


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