Satan’s Best Tool

I have learned through the years that Satan uses numerous methods to deceive us in his many attempts to render us ineffective for the cause of Christ. He preys on the natural weaknesses that is inherent in every man and takes aim at the most vulnerable spot in our armor, and believe me, he knows where it is in each of us. Often times he uses the failures in our lives to bring discouragement and make us doubt God’s promises to His people. He continuously uses his methods of deception in his attempts to bring about those failures. And sometimes we fall for them and other times we recognize them for what they are. But I believe he uses one method more than any other to eventually move us away from sound doctrine and the basics of the faith we hold dear. The Bible tells us that he is like a roaring lion going about seeking all he can devour and what a warning that is. But his method of subtlety has brought many believers down to a low level and they don’t even realize what has happened.

So what do I mean by subtlety? Well here is the way it works. It usually starts with some issue or question that does not appear to be very important. It can be a position we hold on the issue, a sin in our life that doesn’t affect anyone else, or maybe just an attitude we have. Satan has a way of convincing us through his “little white lies” that it is really of no consequence and no harm will come to it. So why should we make a big deal of it. It is the first step in us giving up a small piece of the truth. Over time, as this occurs again and again, a little piece is taken away and soon we are far removed from where we once were. And it is accepted by those around us because the same thing has happened to them. It is much like the story of the lobster being boiled in a pot. He doesn’t recognize the slow increase in the temperature of the water until it is too late. And at that point he is already someone’s meal.

Satan uses the subtlety method with individual believers but that is not all. He also use the same method with churches to move them away from sound doctrine and render them ineffective for the Kingdom. Many of our churches have experienced this and this is part of the reason why we see so many that eventually close their doors. It certainly happens in our seminary’s where many of the professors have went down the path we have been talking about. Satan is the master of deception and his subtlety method works better than anything else he has in his large arsenal of weapons.

So how do we keep this from happening? The best way I know is for us as individual believers to spend more time in the study of our precious book, the Bible. If we truly do believe it is the infallible, plenary, inerrant Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit as the writers penned it, then we can trust what it says. It is God’s Word!! It is time we let the Holy Spirit direct us in our study of it and reveal to us what He wants us to know instead of relying on what some man has said, what some man has written, or what is popular at the time. God speaks to us through His Word and gives us what we need to combat Satan’s attacks with his subtle methods. It is time we stand for something and not fall for just anything.

3 thoughts on “Satan’s Best Tool

  1. Don Sharp

    We are all guilty at some point in this cycle of time.
    But you are correct it is time we have to stand up for the one who died for everyone of us. And pray for each one that has the opportunity that they will be listening for God’s directions. We have to approach each person and situation a little different. Be firm about salvation first and foremost the attack the wrongs in a way that you can always have another opportunity to share. Sometimes that can be a fine line and I will break that line . But pray that another will pick up where I blew it!
    Thank you Lord fo allowing me to be an American!!!!


  2. Neal willis

    Thank you David for the post. As usual it hits home every time. I’ve been out of town. Look forward to seeing the group again. I’m glad to be an American to. Neal


  3. After checking out a few of the blog articles on your web site, I honestly appreciate your way of writing a blog.
    I book-marked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back in the near future.
    Please check out my website as well and tell me what you think.


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