What is The Truth? Personal Motives

Last week we offered a standard definition of truth so that at least we would have a reference for our discussion concerning this often misunderstood topic. We defined truth as “The real facts about a situation, event, or person” and we applied that as a test for some well known groups of people. We talked about how there are people who want you to believe that everything they say is the truth and cannot be denied. We were rather hard on professors, politicians, and preachers but I want to make it clear that everyone who falls into one of those three groups do not necessarily think and act as the group was portrayed. I think we all realize that there is always those bad apples in any group we would decide to select but many times there are more than we would like to believe.

This brings us to the point where the rubber really meets the road. The fact is that we all are guilty at times of trying to make others believe that what comes out of our mouths and what actions we take are grounded in truth. The reasons for this misguided assumption can be many but they all are selfish in motive. When we started this series a couple of weeks ago, my son-in-law, Chad Holder, returned a comment to the post that really underlines some of those root causes. With his permission I have included in today’s post below.

Chad Holder: I came across a recent article in which someone stated they must “tell their truth.” It was a terrible reminder that truth is no longer just that, truth and true, but it has become a victim of relativity, indifference, and only gauged by the perspective in which it is viewed. No longer are we bent toward or away from truth, but rather we do all we can to bend truth to our whims and wishes. That makes us feel better, I suppose. Looking forward to this series. God help us be broken over His truth, and then help us transparently live it. P.S. Thanks for supper.

Chad has summed it up pretty well. We have made the word truth into something we can manipulate into what we want it to be and then spend our time trying to make others believe it meets the test of the standard definition we gave. And the only people we are fooling is our foolish selves. How foolish can we be?

Next week we will end the series by revealing the real facts about truth. With God’s Word as our standard there will be no doubt that truth is much more than just a word. So stay tuned.

One thought on “What is The Truth? Personal Motives

  1. Don Sharp

    I agree with Chad- when someone say “To tell you the truth” to me that means the must have been lying before!
    Looking forward to the finall next week. Because what God has said is always true. But some people who speak or write about what God has said need a dose of the real
    ” To tell you the truth” and if that was me somewhere along the way,
    I am sorry God!


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