Memorial Day(s)

The day ran out on me yesterday and before I knew it, it was gone. After preparing for a birthday party at our pool for one of our granddaughters and then the party itself, it was very late before everyone finally got away. By that time I had gone as far as I could go and decided to wait until this afternoon for the weekly post so that I would have a clear mind. 

What I had on my mind all week was the upcoming Memorial Day and how so very thankful we all ought to be for being born in this great country, in spite of all its problems. In addition to that, how grateful we should be for those who were willing to pay the ultimate price to insure we continue to have the freedoms that have been afforded us over the past two hundred plus years. I believe most of us do not truly realize the magnitude of the sacrifice that these heroes provided for those freedoms. I can only speak for myself but I know that I am not as thankful as I should be and seem to forget about these great Americans until I’m reminded again when this time comes around. So let’s pause right now and say thank you God for emboldening these men and women to give their lives for the sake of freedom!

But also at this time I’m reminded of the One who paid the ultimate price by a horrible death on a cruel cross to pay a sin debt for us, because He loved us so much. For Jesus to lay aside His glory and come to this earth and be born to live as a man was a sacrifice in itself. Then to live on this earth and be tempted such as we are was another sacrifice He made. But, thank God, He refused to yield to any temptation and lived a perfect life without sin so that He could become that perfect Sacrifice required by the Father to make a way for us to be reconciled to Him. So even more should we be thankful for what Jesus did for us at Calvary and we should be constantly reminded that without Him there would be no hope for us or any man. So I say again let’s pause right now and say thank you God for your great salvation plan and give us the courage to keep sharing the wonderful news of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. To God be the glory and honor forever and ever! Amen.

One thought on “Memorial Day(s)

  1. Neal willis

    David you are right in point again. When I was in the military police reserves i got to see up close how our guys were treated at airports and his terminals when they returned from active duty, it was awlful. Our so called American citizens would curse and spit on our troops as they would try to unite with their family. I sure hope and pray that our country has matured since then. Our troops deserve all the thanks that we can give.Thanks david. Neal


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