Life & Death Reminders

This week I have again been reminded of some of the fundamental truths of life that, without certain events taking place, I would have surely missed them. As we journey through this life we get so caught up in the everyday details that we fail to recognize some of  the more important things that God wants to teach us. But He has a way of using things outside our normal routines to do just that or, at the very least, remind us of the truths that we have almost forgotten. And He has done that for me this past week.

Here is truth number one. Physical death is imminent unless our Lord returns. This week Reassurance had the opportunity to minister to someone who has been advised that they have a terminal illness and time is short for them. But as we shared our time and our music with him, I was reminded that we all are terminally sin sick and only Jesus has the cure. And we need to be about the business of sharing that cure with others. And this leads me to truth number two.

Truth number two is this. Life is precious and time is valuable. This week we attended the Honors Day ceremony for the graduating class that our grandson is a member of. And next week will be Graduation Day for all of them. But as I watched the presentation of awards and scholarships it was obvious that these kids were excited that this part of their journey was ending. But I wondered to myself if they realize how precious life is and that the way they use their time will have a major impact on their successes and yes, even their failures. In a way, life is just beginning for them and they all have their own dreams of how they want life to be. I was reminded that many years ago I was in the same position as they are but little did I know that events in my life would alter the course I had chosen. God certainly had other plans for me and I’m so thankful that He intervened in my life to direct me on the path He had for me. I hope and pray that these kids, and especially our grandson, will allow Him to do the same for them.

Some of us are growing and some of us are fading but we still have lessons to learn and a great teacher to share His truths with us. And for that we should be thankful. To God be all the praise and honor and glory forever and ever! 

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