The Real Thing

It has been a very busy week for me as Spring brings with it quite a number of tasks that need to be done to prepare for the Summer ahead. Back to mowing grass, weeding shrub beds, cleaning gutters, washing windows, and making the pool ready for the swimming season. It also seems my job has brought with it a whole different set of tasks that has required a great deal of my attention not only this past week but the week before. All of this has left little time to prepare this week’s post so, like last week, it will be short but it will be to the point.

This evening our quartet, Reassurance, had the honor of ministering to and worshiping with the group of fellow believers at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. It is a small church in the Petersville community with small numbers yet with a worldwide outreach. They presently have folks on the mission field in Honduras doing short term work. In spite of their small numbers they are playing a role in making the Great Commission a reality. And it is sad to say, but there are other much larger churches that don’t take serious the task at hand. I think a lesson could be learned here.

But what I really want to point out tonight is the character of these people and many others like them in small churches everywhere. As we minister in these places we find out how much these people love Jesus and are not afraid to voice it and show it. There is no facade or mask they hide behind.  They just live their life as if it is natural to serve Him because of what He did for them. It takes me back to a time when you could find this in just about every church and it really didn’t matter what the “denomination” was. I don’t know for sure what has happened but I would venture to guess that the church has become so much like the world that you can’t tell the two apart. I think that there are a whole lot more people “playing” church than we really want to admit. God help us!

I long to see those earlier times again. I want to be around those kind of people that we were with tonight. I love seeing the love of Christ in their faces and experiencing it in their actions. Thank you God for using this small group of believers to remind me what real Christianity looks and acts like. Make me more like them. 

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