Rising and Reigning

This evening’s post is relatively short as we prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday. I just wanted to remind all of us how important the resurrection is to our faith. So hear it is. 

Tomorrow is the greatest holiday celebrated in the world of Christianity because it was the final nail in the Devil’s casket. From the beginning, if there was one, Almighty God had a plan to reconcile man to Himself. Before He created man, He knew man would lose his innocence by giving in to his own pride. But He had prepared a way for us to return to His fold like sheep who have gone astray. It was a plan that included a perfect sacrifice, One that would become sin for us so that we could receive His righteousness. The man Jesus, God’s only Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin, living a sinless life, dying on a cruel cross, being buried in a borrowed tomb rose on the third day just like He said, just like God planned, defeating death and hell, ascended back to Heaven and sat down at the Father’s side awaiting the time to return for His bride and begin His reign forever and without end. What a glorious day was Resurrection Day!

With that said, I also want to pass on something I received from my pastor after last week’s post. He had read it in SBC Voices and I think it is a great addition to the series on satellite churches we just completed. I have included it in the following paragraphs. 

The Shepherd and the C.E.O

Below is a comparison between the Shepherd and C.E.O. I pray God moves in our hearts and we reflect the heart of The Good Shepherd.

  • E.O. Leaders use people for progress
    • Shepherd Leaders love and invest into people
  • E.O. Leaders see friendship and pastoral work as an obstacle to success.
    • Shepherd leaders see friendship and pastoral work as success.
  • E.O. leaders see accountability as a challenge to their authority.
    • Shepherd leaders see accountability as caring for their heart.
  • E.O. leaders know how to work the system and manipulate to get their way.
    • Shepherd leaders know how to work through things with others to get God’s way.
  • E.O.  leaders build a talented team to carry out their vision.
    • Shepherd leaders build a talented team to cultivate the church and each other.
  • E.O. leaders see other churches as competition.
    • Shepherd leaders see other churches as family.
  • E.O. Leaders use the Bible to reveal their vision
    • Shepherd leaders use the Bible to reveal Jesus

I believe that this speaks volumes and like I told my pastor, it is apparent to me that there are not enough Shepherds and way too many CEO’s. I also pray that God moves in our own hearts so that we can reflect the heart of The Good Shepherd, the very One we celebrate tomorrow.

Thank you Brother Mark for sharing this.