A New Church?

Tonight’s post will be quite different from the normal post we do. Instead of discussing a familiar issue of today’s times or presenting some topic of interest while asserting my opinion on the matter, tonight I going to attempt to raise interest concerning a subject and then solicit the input and comments from the readers. I will reserve my thoughts and opinions for a later time after others have had an opportunity to respond. I realize this is an unusual approach but I’m anxious to hear from you before coming to a final conclusion. However, as always, the standard for comparison is always God’s Word and so I remind everyone to respond in light of that. So, if you’re ready, let’s get to it.

The subject for consideration this evening is this: “Satellite churches. Are they biblical or not”? There has been quite an emergence of these on today’s scene and have appealed to many people and the numbers seem to be on the increase. But, as with anything else, a new happening like this always brings with it a number of questions that need to be answered according to the scriptures.  

You might not be sure what I mean by the term satellite church so let me take the time to explain what I consider a satellite church to be.  A satellite church is one that holds its meeting in a public and common location but has no local pastor or church leadership. The services are conducted from a remote location and seen on large video screens quite some distance away where people are assembled to participate. These meeting places can be community centers, private event centers, hotel convention centers, and even abandoned church sanctuaries. The events remind me of watching a Billy Graham Crusade on the other side of the world and considering that to be participation in a local church. Mind you, this is not a negative shot at at evangelical crusades because they certainly have their place in spreading the gospel. It is only an example of something similar to what I see as a satellite church.

It is my intent to provoke an interest in this subject and my hope that it will create a dialogue with comments or even more questions from you, the reader. If you will respond with your comments on the post itself, everyone who reads the post will be able to see your comments. They can even respond to your comment on the post. I believe this could be a great learning experience for all of us and I am excited to hear what you have to say. We will discuss the subject more fully in upcoming posts as comments are made.

I want to thank all of you in advance for your participation and I pray that out of this all of us will experience  some degree of spiritual growth and understanding. God has a way of using different means and methods to get our attention and teach us. May God richly bless each of you.



2 thoughts on “A New Church?

  1. Don SHARP

    I am not personally knowledgeable about these type of meetings.
    I would think that if an associate pastor was handling the services and it was reporting to the host church kindly like a “Mission” point, I could probably accept it.
    I know in the Philippines has points up in the Aeta Indian mountain area but the operate as a mission point. However they are not watching the main church service on TV or Internet,
    I think any group meeting needs leaders that are responsible for what is taught and done that it is scriptural. I know that early churches met in homes but the were considered churches.
    This good fodder for discussion as I do not think I have ever thought about it that much.
    But in very large churches now they have big screens to be able to see the speaker.


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