“I am Sick”

I recently read a post on Facebook by one of our local pastors that cuts through the chase and sends a message to pastors and lay people alike. Many of our churches have more world in them than Jesus and it is no wonder  we don’t see lost people saved like we used to. They can’t tell us apart from the world and it’s time we return to the basics, trust God and then be willing to be the instruments He can use to bring about the changes needed.

I asked my friend, Brother Greg Woodall, if I could have permission to reproduce his post in my blog and he so graciously agreed. Tonight I have included his post, word for word, straight from his Facebook post. There is no doubt it came from the depths of his heart and in turn has stirred my own. I pray that it stirs yours also.

“I am Sick”
I have been a pastor for 30 years. I started preaching when I was only 18. When I started I had no staff. It was just me. I was the worship leader, maintenance man, lawn keeper, secretary, you get it.
A lot has changed through those years. Today I have a wonderful staff of secretaries, student pastor, pastoral care pastor, media specialist, worship pastors, school teachers, administrator, connection leaders, children’s pastors, and about every kind of special ministry you could think of.
But I have become sick and it’s serious!
Used to I had no computer, no internet, etc… All I had to prepare my sermons were prayer and my bible. 
I would labor all week to prepare and think and pray and listen to what God would have me to say. As soon as I would feel a peace about my Sunday morning message and get it prepared, Sunday night was staring me in the face! I had yet another message to prepare, pray over, listen, and stay attentive to what God would have me to say. I would study and read and study and read. Once I labored over that message to get it in my spirit, I would deliver it with passion and people would come to the altar and genuinely give their lives to the Lord! I would wipe my brow on Sunday night and take a deep breath only to have Wednesday service staring me in the face! The routine of prayer, and begging God for an idea, and studying and more prayer, and listening to the Spirit as I would take the temperature of my congregation to give them what I felt God would have me to say. Again, I would labor and labor over my message and once again give birth to it and watch it live!!! People would come to the alter with tears and give their hearts and lives to Jesus!
Not just me, this is the way all pastors would preach. We had to. There was no other way!
But what has made me sick is that today, not all, but many pastors do not pray, do not study, do not listen to the Spirit, do not labor over their messages and don’t have to look at another service because there isn’t one. In a world that is falling apart and needs more God and more church than any generation before us, we are giving them less God, less Word, less passion and less church.
The messages are messages from other pastors that have been memorized and reproduced in the pulpit. I see it all the time. Pastors will have their own picture up and a quote from their sermon like it was their own and it’s straight off the internet. There are some that quote some internet idol weekly and changing titles so that no one knows it’s not the Word God gave to them.
There is no anointing! There are no alter calls! There is no prayer! There is no praying for the sick!
It’s just a talk, not a sermon. It’s a watered down motivational speech.
People are getting baptized but they aren’t changing!!!!!
Please do not be offended if it isn’t you. Keep on preaching what God has given you. But if it is you, get back to the Word of God! Get back to the altar! Close your computer and listen to what God would have you say and deliver it with passion and the anointing of God!!!
If you will notice, many of these preachers that pastors study and try to be like are taking a dive on biblical truths. 
Don’t try to be like them! Be you!!!! God chose YOU because He knew YOU had the potential to change the world for Him! YOU! You listen to Him! You follow Him. Don’t try to pattern yourself after anyone. You imitate Him, not some cool and successful pastor, Him!
This world needs Jesus! It’s time to quit being so neutral and dodging tough topics that are abominations to God! Stand up you mighty man of God! You have what it takes to make a difference! Yes it requires more. Yes it takes more time. It’s not as easy as picking some sermon on-line and reproducing it verbatim. But it’s what God gave you! And it’s the message He wants you to speak. The great thing about that is that it’s so much better!
Let’s heal the world and ourselves! 
God heal every one of us! Put us back at your altar. Fill our hearts with your anointing and our mouths with your Truth! 
I’m tired of being sick!

Greg Woodall
Florence First Assembly

I am so thankful that there are still pastors like Brother Greg and my own pastor, Brother Mark Mayfield, that will stand firm on God’s Word and not compromise in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I pray that God would give others the desire and then the strength to do the same. Please join me.

There are some of you on our email list that like to follow the activities of our group Reassurance. As a way of and update, we will have the morning service this Sunday, March 10, at my home church, Leighton Baptist Church. Please pray for the service and that we stay out-of-the-way so that God can do something wonderful. We want to lift high the name of Jesus in praise and share a message of hope through our music. He will then do the rest for His glory. So, to God be the glory and honor forever and ever. Amen.

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