What’s Next?

For the first time in quite a while, last Saturday I failed to publish the weekly post that I enjoy doing so much. I apologize to those of you who look forward to it and for not being able to advise you that there would not be one that evening. The truth is that I have been having a number of health issues for the last two weeks and on that evening I was in the emergency room at the new hospital. Sometime after midnight I was released after being diagnosed with pneumonia. It has been up and down since then but I believe I am now beginning to turn the corner back to my normal self. Thanks to all of you that heard about my ordeal and offered up prayers on my behalf! God is faithful to hear them.

Tonight I want to consider what has recently been legislated in the state of New York and what (or who) is really behind it all. As we discussed in our last post two weeks ago, we have three enemies that we must face on a continual basis and this weeks news from New york certainly reveals the presence of two of those. We are at constant war with the other enemy, our flesh, but this turn of events sheds a brighter light on what is going on in our society today. So let’s first start with the details of the event and go from there.

The following information was published this week on the website LifeNews.com and is a summary of two articles I found there; The New York Senate passed a radical pro-abortion bill this past Tuesday that would allow unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth. The bill passed after abortion activists pushed it for more than a decade in New York. Until now, it failed to pass the state Senate because of Republican lawmakers, but the November election put pro-abortion Democrats in control of both houses. The vote was 38-24. And now Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed the bill into law. As if that weren’t bad enough, a very disconcerting video showed legislators cheering after passing the horrific legislation.

What an unbelievable and ungodly piece of legislation! This means that in the state of New York a woman can have her baby aborted (murdered) just before the child exits the birth canal. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams that there is a mother capable of that? Can you believe that there are so-called physicians and even nurses that would be a party to it? Even as evil and corrupt as many politicians are, it is hard to believe that they would introduce or even support such legislation. But here it is folks. The start of a whole new concept that is going to eventually lead to murder outside the womb. It is a new definition of pro-choice. So what’s next? 

Abortion activists have been very subtle in their pursuit. As time has gone by we’ve seen changes in the standards from first tri-mester, then second tri-mester, then third tri-mester, and now up to birth. They have always advocated that abortion is for women’s health and that changed to the woman’s right to control over her body. Now we know that all of that was simply lies. This legislation is the final proof that it has always been about convenience, not health and not rights. Why else would murder be considered at birth? So what’s next?

The big question is “Why has this happened and how did it get this far?” Well, the answer is quite simple. The enemy is winning the battle. First of all Satan has used his special skill of deception to convince people that they are in control of their own lives and that no one can dictate to them what they should do. These people are now a part of our other enemy, the world. And they don’t even realize it. They have gotten to the point that they consider anyone that does not hold to their beliefs as someone other than normal or with some kind of phobia. We as Christians are now fast becoming the minority and it won’t be very long before laws will be in place that will not allow us to speak out against such things. It is just the tip of the iceberg and we need to be prepared for more of the onslaught.

What’s next? Well, I don’t know what that may be but as long as Satan is the ruler of this world, you can bet he is going to continue his ways and the world is going to get deeper in the mire of sin. However, there is great news. God has not been caught off guard and in His timing this world and Satan himself will come to the end of their reign and will receive their just reward. In addition, because we have been bought with a price by the blood of Jesus we have nothing to fear. One day He will return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He will reign forever and ever. All wrongs will be righted. True justice will prevail and just as He promised, we will be in His presence for all eternity. Satan may be winning the battle, but Jesus has already won the war. So what’s next? Jesus is coming soon! Come Lord Jesus!



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