Civil Authority and The Christian

We ended the month of June with a post that I had entitled “Stand or Cower” with the intent of determining how we as Christians should respond to the many evils of day. It was further noted in the post that immediately followed in early July, the issues that we would later discuss would show us that evil is the real enemy, not the folks that may be adverse to our perspective and opinion. However, we have certainly attempted to prove what God has to say about the issues and I think we have been somewhat successful in doing so. Our discussion on homosexuality in the series “The LGBT Deception” we saw that God considers that lifestyle as sin and even more than that, an abomination. The series “Abortion, America’s Genocide” that we just completed answered the two main questions that surround that issue. It was first determined that human life begins at conception and secondly that abortion is murder. As a reminder to us all, it is always God’s perspective that ultimately matters and His perspective is well documented in His Word.

The next topic we will cover is that of civil authority and how we as Christians should act towards such authority. I’m sure there will be a number of questions that will arise but I believe that we will find the answers we need in God’s Word. I want to make sure that we understand the intent of our civil liberties and how those liberties interact with civil authority. And we want to also understand when it may be necessary to engage in civil disobedience, but do so in the proper way. There are a number of scriptures that we will take a look at and what they mean in context. We will also see some examples of Bible characters that defied civil authority and why and then what the results were. This should be an interesting study and maybe we will become more confident in how to respond when we have to make a choice between government and/or our Creator God. So next week we will jump in with both feet.

Romans 13 contains a few verses that most of us have heard and read so that is where we will probably begin and then see where we go from there. You might want to read ahead and see what God has to say about the subject.

I look forward to what God is going to reveal to us as we consider this issue in the new series. 



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