Abortion, America’s Genocide

In late June we started on a journey to the dark side to expose and illuminate a number of today’s moral issues that some would have us believe are now acceptable and should not be brought to question. It is my intent to call them out for what they really are. As I stated in that beginning post, Stand or Cower, I plan to stand firm on the fact that when God calls it sin it is sin no matter what anyone thinks or says. The follow-up post, EVIL, The Real Enemy, makes it plain we are faced with all kinds of evils in today’s world and we need to recognize those evils as what they are. The last few weeks our posts have revolved around the sin of homosexuality and the LGBT movement that seems bent on forcing their perverted ideas down our throats. And I admit that it has been very difficult to maintain a sense of sanity about the matter and not go into some sort of rage. However, I remind myself every time I feel the anger coming on, that we should certainly hate the sin but we are still to share God’s love with those who are so deeply mired up in it. So as we begin to look at the next moral issue, abortion, I’ll be careful not to be too hasty to condemn the sinner but stay on the real issue, the sin itself. 

Abortion. The word has become a common word these days and we hear it quite often in varying contexts and by a hodgepodge of different circles. All of us are quite familiar with the infamous ruling by the Supreme Court that opened the door for unfettered abortion on demand. We hear it discussed over and over but we never hear what the real meaning of the word is and the actions that go hand-in-hand with it. So let’s just start out by compiling a very simple definition of abortion so that when we hear the word or see the word we understand what it really means. By looking at a number of resources I was able to come up with this simple statement. Abortion is the willful act of terminating a pregnancy at any point in time from conception to just before birth. Pretty simple isn’t it? But yet so controversial. And the controversy is rooted in the fact that the question of when life begins has never been answered to the satisfaction of all sides. So many just can’t seem to get their arms around this issue as if it is just an answer that can be resolved by science or some other intellectual means.

The next few weeks we will attempt to resolve the above question and then look at the further questions that will surface when the determination is made about the beginning of life. We will use God’s Word as our standard to rely on to see what He has to say about the whole thing. This going to get pretty deep so roll up your britches legs and be ready to wade through it.

2 thoughts on “Abortion, America’s Genocide

  1. Bob moore

    David your are so right on. My understanding is most nations by of our past history is marked by significant decline and a turning a way from God. It starts slowing then progresses from one sin nationally to another ending with apostasy. Where is America today,
    Prideful, complacency, and distancy fro God.
    The Bible teaches in Old Testament
    “That everting did what right in their own eyes. I believe that our Nation is following the same pattern as was seen repeatedly in the book of Judges. Only if our nation turns and repents can we turn this spirilling down. Our nation can turn this national tragedy It starts with orayer. Are you willing to pray.


  2. Don SHARP

    Bro. David,
    Thank you for your time to put your thoughts down in writing and sharing them with anyone who is willing to read or listen. A lot of people can make a big issue about a tiny few of the illegal Immigrants being separated from their children for a short time, but can look the other way or condone and support the “Killing” (permanent separation) of so many children before they even have a chance to make a choice. And it is a choice those parent made when they crossed our border illegally. And how many time are american citizens separated from their children when they do something illegally and have to go to jail or prison. I can tell you from my own family that it happens, whose fault was it ?? the parents did something wrong they broke the law!!! It All boils down to one thing “SIN” ( The transgression of God’s Law ) Preach on my Friend!!! I will share with others, I don’t think you will mind.


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