E-V-I-L, The Real Enemy

As we stated last week there are a number of issues we are faced with today that we did not have to openly encounter 50 years ago. As we begin to take a look at these things I just want to remind you that they did not happen all at once but over a period of time. Bite by bite we have been forced to eat of the bitter fruit that Satan has prepared and provided to us through his army of followers. If you look close, you can find them in every walk of life, disguised as normal folk, with some as heroes of their career environment. They include such people as actors, entertainers, athletes, judges, senators, representatives and yes, even some as religious leaders. But I’ve come to the conclusion there is only one word that can describe these characters and the ideas and tenets they espouse. And that word is the four letter word E-V-I-L.

I believe that what God classifies as  evil in His Word is evil just likes He says. I also believe that He has placed in every man, woman, boy and girl an inherent understanding of what is good and evil which we call the conscious. However, a great deal of people have ignored that conscious and have certainly ignored what God’s Word has said, if they have even read His Word. In other words, they have no standard by which to guide their lives but trust in their own self or Satan and his demons. And we see that every day in everything around us and we as christians have to decide how we are going to react and what stand we are going to take. What cause we are going to support.

In the following weekly posts we will take a close look at a number of these issues such as abortion, homosexuality, racism, civil liberties, civil authority, etc. and hopefully come to a better understanding of what God has to say about each of them. Keep in mind that our standard is God’s Word, not some other man’s writings or opinions. We also need to remember that it doesn’t really matter what we believe, only what God’s Word says.

I know that I will be the one most convicted as I go through this study and I pray that the end result is that all of us will determine to stand and be counted on to be the salt and light that He desires us to be.

One thought on “E-V-I-L, The Real Enemy

  1. Don Sharp

    Bro. David- thank you for taking to put what a lot of us believe and know. God give me the strength and knowledge to take this and apply it daily.


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