Taught By A Teen

Sometimes the life’s lessons that come our way are brought to us through ways that are totally unexpected and sometimes even unorthodox. Many times these lessons come from personal experiences that can either be a failure we’ve had or even a success we’ve enjoyed. But very often they come through other people who have led the way in areas that we have little experience or knowledge and we benefit from the fact that we personally know them and respect them. In virtually every case these people are older than we are, or, at the very least, very close to us in age. Seldom do they come from those who are younger, especially someone in their teens, but this very week I have experienced this in a tremendous way.

One of my sweet granddaughters has recently experienced several disappointments in her life and for a 15-year-old the impact of the events has been a great burden to bear. But I’m here to tell you that she has learned so much more than me when I was that age and certainly knows who to put her trust in during the time of trouble. She recently wrote a short article of her experiences and her reaction to those events without revealing details of the experience or naming those involved. When I read it (with tears streaming down my face) I realized that what I was reading could not have been better iterated by someone of many years or someone of greater knowledge. I was reading something from the heart, totally transparent, and when I finished her story it was obvious that I had been the target of another one of life’s lessons that I so desperately needed. And I had been taught by a young teenager.

With her permission I have included her article in the paragraphs below. I think it will have the same impact on you as it did me and you will be better for it.

Joy Comes in the Morning

Let me start by saying that a hurt heart sucks. Now that I’ve said that, there is so much that I want to share. I have always told my friends that through trials and hardships, they should keep their eyes fixed on what is good and on the One who brings the good in-spite of the rough times. At the moment, I’m having to listen to myself. I’ve recently been faced with a situation that, although I’ll grow through, is changing my normal. During this time I have the chance to bash people, trash someone’s name, exclude myself and shut myself out. Lock myself in my room and never come out. Totally take on life right now, all. by. myself. I have the opportunity to cause chaos, to ruin someone else and in return, doing so to myself. I have every earthly reason to make my family go ballistic and wreck myself, but I have every heavenly reason to take my broken pieces, to carry my burdens and troubles to the altar. I can bring them and leave them at my sweet Jesus’ feet, and that indeed is what I’ve decided to do. Psalm 147:3, “He heals the broken-hearted, and bandages their wounds.” I say all of this to get to this point; no matter how much your heart hurts and how rough something may be, our God is one of comfort and relief, and He certainly does not mind you running to His arms and crying on Him.

I just ask that the next time you get hurt, you run to Jesus. Earthly temptations sink in to talk bad, to think hateful and cruel things, to wish someone/something anything but happiness and prosperity and they sure are hard to turn away from. But I want to tell you, life is too good, life is too short, this problem is too meaningless to forget who you are in Jesus. We have a soul purpose to live like Jesus. WE win people for Jesus, that is our calling, and we certainly cannot do so if we are throwing pity parties for ourselves and seeking vengeance on others.We can’t live in the world and in the word at the same time. So much good will come your way by running to Jesus.

As I was sitting there in my thoughts, thoughts of awful things I could do, I looked up. I looked up and my eyes met a little wooden decoration in my living room. This piece read “Joy Comes in the Morning”, simply meaning, the pain now cannot compare to the joy coming. I have probably read this sign over and over a million times, but this time it meant something more than the verse in “Your Love Never Fails” by the Newsboys. A wave of relief washed over me.

I realized it’s going to hurt now, but there will be so much more coming my way than the simple, still life I’ve lived. Our God is so gracious to comfort us, wrap us in his warm embrace and remind us of His unfailing love. So the next time your heart hurts, the next time life changes, run to God and as my momma says, “Handle it with grace.” Because sweet JOY comes in the morning.

Psalm 30:5, Matthew 11:28-30, Romans 8:18, Isaiah 43:18, Psalm 46:1

Isn’t it amazing how God uses people, especially those we love, to continue to grow us to be more like Him. Thank you Lord and thank you Emily for a well taught lesson for PapaDave.




2 thoughts on “Taught By A Teen

  1. Betty Jo Hardwick

    David, this was a good post. Thank you for sharing Emily’s story. For parents and grandparents, it is so difficult to see those we love in a time of hurt knowing we cannot do anything to ease the burden but lift them up to the Lord, which, by the way, is not inconsequential. Isn’t it wonderful to see that a grandchild has
    her faith firmly planted in the ONE who can comfort and help in a time of distress!


  2. Don Sharp

    A very well thoughtful out and articulate message especially a 15 year old. I wonder who possibly had some influence in this young lady’s maturity. Keep the faith , but also continue to share !!


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