What Did You Eat Today?

Tonight’s post is being compiled immediately upon arriving home from the local Olive Garden Restaurant where I enjoyed one of my favorite meals. Weather permitting, on Saturdays after our morning bible study, I spend all of my time outside doing the things that need to be done to maintain our house and somewhat of a decent yard. I purposely don’t have anything to eat during the day because I plan on having a large meal at dinner. So after a hard days work, my wife and I head to one of several restaurants we enjoy and have dinner. That’s when I pig out and tonight was no exception. Three bowls of Olive Garden’s famous house salad with their fabulous italian dressing and the dinner portion of their spaghetti with traditional meat sauce heat the spot. I just couldn’t get enough. However, I was a little more moderate when it came to the bread sticks. I only had half of one. Well, to tell you the truth, somehow they got behind my salad bowl and I couldn’t see them. But I was too full to enjoy them when the view changed. So, needless to say, I am stuffed!!!

Actually, I had intended to have a different subject tonight but the minute I started to type I had a very provocative thought enter my mind. I’m not one to over spiritualize things but I truly believe it was the Holy Spirit getting my attention again. Here is the thought I had in the form of a question. Why am I not stuffed with spiritual food from God’s Word? Why is my spiritual hunger not greater than my physical hunger? It hit me like a ton of bricks. And to be honest, I had to stop what I was doing, take a short walk around the yard and admit to God I wasn’t as hungry for His Word as I should be and ask Him to forgive me. I read God’s Word on a regular basis, I am taught God’s Word on a regular basis, I hear God’s Word preached on a regular basis and I even teach God’s Word on a regular basis. But even with all of that I find my focus drifting from what I’ve read or heard because I am not as spiritually hungry as I ought to be. God help me.

I had a wonderful meal at the restaurant but it was not the kind of food I needed for spiritual growth. So, what did you eat today? Thank you Lord for the stark reminder. 

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