Family Priorities

Sometimes as we go about our daily lives God allows certain things to happen that He wants to use to teach us or to remind us of an important truth. Most of the time in the midst of these events we have no idea of what He is up to. We usually don’t realize until some time later how He has orchestrated these things and the benefit we have received. This has happened to me this past week and I want to share the one truth that He has so well reminded me of. And that truth is this. Once we have settled the fact that God is to have first place in our lives, our family must be next in line and come before anything else.

This is such a simple truth but is not universally accepted by everyone. And it is quite often violated by those of us that do accept it. But let’s take a look at where and when this truth was established and bring back to our remembrance the significance and importance of the truth. After God completed His creation of the earth as we know it, He then made Adam from the dust of the earth and saw that what He had done was good. But He also recognized that man needed a helpmate so He made Eve from Adam’s rib. He then created the institution of marriage by His words when He said that the woman is to leave her parents and cleave to her husband and they are to become one. This was the beginning of the family and God created and instituted it.

Now that we have determined the origin and the importance of the family let’s take a closer look at some of the many ways that we put our families in jeopardy by getting our priorities out of order. Let’s considered how many men approach this issue. You can find story after story and example after example of men placing a higher priority on their job or career than they do their family. How about the man who consistently spends more time in his fishing boat, his deer stand, or on the golf course than he does with his wife or his children? And how about the man who sleeps in on Sunday mornings while his wife and children make their way to church? Sound familiar? I’m even aware of numerous pastors and preachers that have placed the needs of their church ahead of the needs of their family. This sounds so spiritual but it is as wrong as wrong can be. As a matter of fact it is downright hypocritical. The family was instituted long before the church was and the church was actually modeled after the family. Is it any wonder that our country is in the shape it is in when our families are falling apart because men have their priorities out of order? Women can sometimes put their children before their husband which can also lead to problems but men are to be the spiritual leaders of their home and that is where the burden falls.

If we truly want to please God then we must show our love for Him but keeping His commandments and this certainly includes maintaining the high priority concerning our family. God first, then family. And all else follows that. Nothing on this earth is more important than our family and we must make sure that our priorities reflect that. And that is what God expects from us as men. Let’s not let Him down or our family.


3 thoughts on “Family Priorities

  1. Chad Holder

    Amen! Excellent post! Christ must have pre-eminence, family (spouse, children, parents, etc.) must be priority, and everything else will fall into place.


  2. Don SHARP

    “Family” is the oldest institution on earth ! What a timely message for me and I have shared it with several others.
    Where would I be today if it were not for “Family” ???
    Thank God if you had a Godly Family, If you didn’t guess what start now making yours one.
    Thanks Bro. David for taking the time to faithfully share each week some bit of knowledge and wisdom.


  3. Family Priorities, Inc.

    This writing made me so happy! God did not create a business first, or a church or a government. HE CREATED A FAMILY. My husband and I have been married 45 years and although he is a pastor – which sometimes means the church comes first – we have always encouraged people to put their family first. At this point in life, all 3 of our children are following what we taught them, their spouses are on board as well. Our grandchildren will tell you immediately that the most important thing after their relationship with God is their family. We even have a book entitled Family Priorities. If people could only see this concept clearly. Your blog is spot on!! Keep up the encouragement for others to do as you have so well presented here.
    LeAnne Perkins


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