Free Indeed!

Let me begin this week’s post by apologizing for not getting it out last night. It has been a hectic weekend and yesterday was full of events. I am taking care of three grandsons this weekend while my wife and daughter is at the Women of Joy Conference in Pigeon Forge. In addition, the boy’s dad is in Oklahoma City attending a work related training school. Yesterday started with our weekly Saturday morning bible study, then back home to fix breakfast for the boys, then off to a birthday party for another one and then to McDonald’s, of course for a late lunch. To top it off our group had a singing event in Lexington last night so I had to leave the boys under the supervision of Chad whose wife (my daughter) is also in Pigeon Forge at the conference. The event was a fundraiser that involved two other groups and by the time I got back, picked up the boys, got something to eat and then got home it was quite late. And boy was I beat! I just could not stay awake long enough to get the post done. I realize that one excuse is no better than another but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

On Friday afternoon I had to take care of some business in Florence and eventually the boys and I ended up at Sam’s to replenish our candy stock. I keep a supply of candy at our house to give the grandkids when they come. I work hard at sending them home all wired up so their parents can have the same wonderful experiences that Becky and I had while we were raising them. What goes around comes around!

When we arrived at Wal Mart I noticed that the local veterans had tables set up at the doors requesting donations and I was again reminded of the great price that has been paid for the freedom we have in this country. So many gave the ultimate sacrifice but we have no real way to thank them because they are with us no more. So I make every effort to acknowledge veterans when I see them and shake their hand, thank them for their service, and let them know that I pray for them on a regular basis. For any of you reading this post that have served in our military, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Freedom only comes by way of sacrifice and in our country, even with its problems, we are truly free indeed.

But we can’t stop there. We must remember that here was another who made the ultimate sacrifice. If you are like me, there was a time we were bound by the chains of sin. Prisoners of war in the battle between good and evil with no hope of rescue. we certainly could not free ourselves and our future looked bleak. But God had a battle plan. His plan required a perfect sacrifice and there was only One who could fulfill the demands of the task. His name is Jesus, what a wonderful name! By His death on the cross the price was completely paid for our release. He met God’s requirements of righteousness for us and therefore the door of our prison was opened. We could walk through that door to freedom. For those of us who have chosen to walk through that door, we are free indeed! Even more than our veterans, we should thank Him continuously for the price He paid for our freedom. And we can do so because He’s alive and well, seated at the right hand of the Father, ever interceding on our behalf. Oh what a Savior!    

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