Blessings and Warnings

What a great day it has been today! It really doesn’t get any better than this. It has been a day of blessings over and above the norm and certainly better than I deserve. Started the day with our weekly Bible study group and it was a sweet time of fellowship. Again, one of the group shared a word of personal testimony about what God has done in their life and how His hand has been continuously guiding them ever since they turned their heart and life over to Him. We all recognize that his testimony is a common theme among all of us who have said yes to Jesus. We even got through a few more scriptures in chapter 12 of John as we inch our way through God’s Word. It is such an encouragement and blessing to spend time with these guys each week and I love each one of them.

More Blessings. Reassurance had the opportunity to be a part of an annual singing at Gravel Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Phil Campbell this afternoon. We heard some wonderful songs presented by numerous people who included children, teenagers, young adults and yes, older adults. Also had some great congregational singing which almost lifted the roof off the place. As usual, every time we go to minister somewhere, it is us who always gets ministered to and us that are blessed by being there. Ain’t it great how God works! 

Now for a warning. I remember a children’s song from my early years that talks about how we are influenced by others. The song had a couple of phrases in it that went something like this; “Be careful little eyes what you see.” and “Be careful little ears what you hear.” One day this week as I was listening to the radio in my car I heard something that brought that song back to my mind. A very well-known preacher and author from the West Coast had a short question and answer segment on a local Christian radio station. I’m not going to reveal what the topic was, but what struck me as I listened to his answer was the fact that many thousands, maybe even millions of people who were listening to that program would take his answer to be the undeniable truth just because of who he is. They would not check his answer against God’s Word, they would simply accept it to be so. What a tragedy. It is a real travesty that we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the real truth of God’s Word to us and that we have to rely on someone else to tell us what the Bible says. And this happens not only on the radio and television, it occurs every week from the pulpit of some of our local churches. And no one seems to bother to check it out. As a matter of fact, the real tragedy is that most folks who call themselves Christian’s spend very little personal and private time in God’s Word. God help us! So, be careful little (and big) ears what you hear.

I hope you have a wonderful day in the Lord tomorrow and this coming week is one of great blessing for you and your family. Let me remind you of something. “What if you wake up tomorrow with only those things you thanked God for today?” Sobering, isn’t it?