A Real Man

Boy, what a beautiful day it has been! A little cool but the sunshine made up for it. I love this time of year because nature is beginning to wake up from a long nap. Trees and flowers are budding and the robins are building nests. I’m sure we will see a little more of the cold temperatures but we have been given a glimpse of what is coming. However, God’s creation is a marvelous sight to behold.

This morning in our Bible study we continued with chapter 12 of John’s gospel. We had left off with verse 11 and had covered the story of Jesus’ return visit to the home of His dear friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus some time later after He had raised Lazarus from the dead. We saw where Martha was busy taking care of her guests but Mary’s was worshipping at the feet of Jesus. We are also again made aware that the Jewish religious leaders were plotting to kill Jesus but this time we see that they planned to do the same with Lazarus. The story then continues in verse 12 with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey and the people laying the palm branches in front of Him and shouting Hosanna. A close look at these verses reveal that this was all a fulfillment of prophecy from the book of Isaiah. All of this fuss again infuriates the Pharisees because they think the people are beginning to follow Him instead of them.

Later a group of Greeks approach some of the disciples requesting a meeting with Jesus and they brought the request to Jesus. Jesus’ response to the request is the main topic for tonight’s post. I realized as we read through verses 24-28 that most of the time we don’t grasp the fact that Jesus was not only God Incarnate he was also a real man. He makes a statement in verse 24 that should shake us every time we read it. Jesus says “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” Certainly He was talking about what was about to happen at Calvary. This is even reinforced by His words in verse 27. “Now my soul has become troubled; what shall I say, ‘Father, save Me from this hour’? But for this purpose I came to this hour.” Can’t you just hear the agony in His voice? The fact that he was going to suffer great physical agony and pain was weighing heavy on His mind and His heart. This was the man, Jesus, speaking. What a reminder it is for us. We forget that the crown of thorns they put on His head was very painful, The beating with the cat-of-nine-tails hurt. It hurt when they drove the nails through His hands and His feet. When the spear pierced His side there is no doubt that the pain caused His face to grimace. Are we getting the picture? Folks, Jesus was a man taking this physical punishment and the pain was unbearable. However, He bore it all for you and me.

We need to constantly be reminded that He came to earth in the human form and became a man just like us. The Bible says He was tempted in all manner such as we are. And the pain He suffered was just like the pain we would have had in the same situation. The difference is that He did it for us. It was pain and agony that we should have born but He chose to bear it in our stead.

Don’t be mistaken, I have not forgotten the other side of His suffering. Because He was also God, the fact that He would have to become sin for us was a greater suffering. But we also need to be reminded that He came to do the will of His father and the Bible says it pleased the Lord to crush Him, that He would render Himself a guilt offering. In other words, what Jesus did for us on the cross satisfied God that our sin debt had been paid.

The whole point for this post is to help us understand that the tremendous suffering that Jesus endured was real pain and agony both physically and mentally. He is the only One that came make the claim that He truly understands what we go through. The only One that can have complete empathy for  us. He understands our hurts in every circumstance and loves us to the point that He died for us. Is there a friend greater than this? Is there a man greater than this? May we always remember that God Incarnate was also man. A real man.

He Did It All For Me
He did it all for me. Each drop of blood was shed for even me. When the Savior cried, bowed His head and died, Oh praise the Lord He did it all for me.

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