“No-Name”; The Mother of Moses

As I mentioned in my short post last week, tonight we are returning to the Old Testament to find another  “No-Name” character that played a significant role in insuring that God’s plan for mankind remained intact and on schedule. We should be reminded that God’s timing is always perfect because He has put things in the order that He intends for them to occur. The “No-Name” we will share tonight is the woman chosen to be the mother of Moses. Our story is found in chapter 2 of Exodus and particularly in the first ten verses.

The background for our story starts with the death of Joseph and afterwards when a new king of Egypt came into power that did not know who Joseph was. The Israelites had greatly multiplied and this was causing great concern among the Egyptian rulers. So out of fear they made slaves of the Israelites and afflicted them with hard labor. The Egyptian king finally decreed that all male children that would be born to Jewish women were to be thrown into the Nile.

Our story then begins very simply. There was a man from the house of Levi who married a daughter of Levi. The woman conceived and bore a son. She saw that he was a very beautiful child and so she hid him for three months. When it got to the point where she could no longer hide him she constructed a wicker basket and made it water-tight using tar and pitch. She placed her son in the basket and hid it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile. Obviously this was an attempt to protect the child and in hopes that he would be found and cared for by someone else.

We all are familiar with the story and know that the daughter of Pharoah discovered the basket while bathing in the Nile.  One of her maids retrieved the basket and when it was opened she saw the crying child and felt sorry for him. The child’s sister asked Pharoah’s daughter if she would like for her to find a Hebrew woman to nurse him and she agreed with that suggestion. So she brought the child’s mother to Pharoah’s daughter and she was instructed to take the child and nurse him and that she would be paid for her services. Over time the child grew and so the mother eventually brought him to Pharoah’s daughter. She then named him Moses because she drew him out of the water. From this point on we never see the mother of Moses mentioned again.

I might mention that the only thing we know about Moses’ father is that he came from the priestly tribe of Levi. There is no indication that he was involved in the early days of his childhood, unlike his mother. And certainly no mention of his name. On the other hand, we know from the story that his mother wanted to protect him and save his life if at all possible. And by God’s grace this happened. I might also point out that there is a possibility that both his mother and father had involvement with Moses as he grew into a young man. It certainly can’t be ruled out. But I would venture to guess that they had no idea how God would use Moses to bring the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

Although there was no mention of her name, Moses’ mother serves to prove once again that God uses ordinary people to be a part of extraordinary things even when they don’t realize that it is happening. I’m convinced that it is ok to be a “No-Name” in God’s scheme of things. And as a reminder, it is all for His glory!

One thought on ““No-Name”; The Mother of Moses

  1. Bob Moore

    David a good word. Now it’s 2018. And our Lord still usually those ” no names “, to get the work done of His ministry. I have heard it phrased as the night shift. Those that really can be counted on, faithful in sharing, 24/7 types. They are in churches all over. Most go unthanked by most and certainly those that serve are the strength of the church and without them the ministry would have a difficult time succeeding. There is an Old Testament
    Judge name Shamgar. He could do as much as most of the Judges raised up by God to fight the Phillistines when the Israelites called out to God for mercy after times of sinning. But. If you will read about him, you will find that 1. He did what he could
    2. With what he had
    3. Where he was
    4. For the Glory of the Lord

    We two may no be able to do a lot and alwYs be in the background, no-name, night shifters, BUT, you have a role to play now that you are in the Kingdom of Light.
    Just remember Shamgar. Or any of this that David has and will mention. They did what they could, with what they had, where they were , for the Glory of the Lord.
    Love you guys.


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