A Break In The “No-Name” Action

The hour is late. And I’m not fully prepared to share my thoughts on our “No-Name” that is next in the series. It has been a long day and a very busy weekend and not quite enough time to turn my thoughts into words. However, it has been a wonderful and fruitful weekend as you will see below.

Reassurance had the opportunity to minister to a group of fellow believers in a very small local church on Friday evening. As we shared it was very obvious that the Holy Spirit was present in our midst and what a great time of worship and fellowship with folks of like mind and in love with Jesus.

This morning was our weekly Bible study over at the hospital medical office building and what a joy it is to spend time with these brothers in Christ and sharing our hearts one with another. I believe we are beginning to really understand what it means to bear one another’s burdens. As we’ve journeyed through the book of John we have discovered more truths along the way that we have not seen before. I think I can speak for all of us that we have grown in our understanding and thus our walk with the Lord. I know for certain that I have. As a reminder, this bible study is open to anyone who would like to attend. We are going through the book of John verse by verse and have just completed chapter 11. Give me a call if you would like further details.

This evening Reassurance was blessed to have another opportunity to minister to other believers in a church north of Memphis. We were there as part of a benefit fundraiser for their youth group to be able to participate in summer camp this year. It was a great event and not only were we able to share encouragement through song we were also ministered to by others. We are learning that as we minister to others we actually are the ones being blessed. We thank God for the opportunities He is giving us to share our faith through our music and our prayer is that He gets all the glory for any and everything that is accomplished.

Next week we will share our next “No-Name” character as we move back to the Old Testament. God bless each of you and have a blessed day in the Lord tomorrow. 

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