Christmas, 2017

Good evening everyone. Tonight’s post will be rather limited in content. The rush of the holiday season has finally caught up with me so I’ve decided to do a short post tonight and next week also. We will begin another series the first Saturday of the new year which I believe you will really enjoy. I don’t want to announce the subject just yet but I know you will find it an interesting perspective to the information that I will share. I’m excited about it but still have some research and study to do.

As we all enjoy the festivities of this time of year, I just want us to be reminded of why we celebrate. Let’s remember that God in His infinite wisdom and because of His unconditional love for us sent His Son in His perfect timing to this earth and He became God incarnate. His name was Jesus and as the prophets of old stated, He would be God with us and save His people from their sin. And remember. This was all His plan from the beginning (whenever that was in eternity past) so that man could be reconciled to Him.

What a wonderful story the Christmas story is but keep in mind it does not end with the birth of Jesus. Jesus grew into a man under the care of His mother and the instruction of His earthly father. But more than that, under the leadership of and obedience to God the Father. Then at the appointed time, and after a short earthly ministry, He made His way to the cross where He would be crucified and become sin for us so that we could receive His righteousness. He was then buried in a borrowed tomb but after three days He rose again just as was prophesied not only by the prophets of old, but by Jesus Himself. The final sacrifice had been made because finally God was able to accept a perfect Lamb that He Himself provided. Sin and death had been conquered for all time. That’s the real and complete story. That’s the gospel folks. Don’t listen to what anyone else calls the gospel. This is straight from God’s Word and that’s all we need to know. Man’s knowledge and opinion plays no part whatsoever!

All that remains then, is what have we done with Jesus. Have we accepted or rejected the gift of salvation that He so freely offers? Have we turned to Him by faith and in a spirit of repentance and put our total trust in what He did? God’s grace has made it all possible. Thank you Father! Thank you Jesus! And thank you Holy Spirit for your continued presence in the life of those of us who have placed our faith and trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

May God bless each of you and your families during this wonderful season. Merry Christmas!


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