Meeting Spiritual Needs

This evening we are coming to the close of the series we started back in August about how we should have a lifestyle of service and ministry to others. We looked at some of the tools available to us that we can use to help us perform the task of serving . In addition, we discussed the seven motivational spiritual gifts that God has given to us in varying degrees and how they play a major role in our endeavors. Then we looked at the ways that we can meet certain needs of those around us that included bearing another’s burdens and using intercessory prayer on their behalf. Lastly we have looked at the various type of needs that are out there which to this point has included physical and emotional needs. As we close the series tonight, we will end with how we recognize and meet spiritual needs that others may have. Again, we will see how the tools we have available and the spiritual gifts each us have equips us to do the work God has called us to do.

Obviously, the number one spiritual need of any person is salvation. The Bible tells us that we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. In addition, the result of that is the understanding that we have earned spiritual death, i.e eternal separation from Holy God. But He has provided a solution to our dilemma in the form of gift which is eternal salvation. The condition is that we must believe that what He did at the cross paid our sin debt in full and in faith and repentance turn from our ways and begin a new journey with Him. For those we know that are lost, we can help meet their spiritual needs by sharing the good news of the gospel with them. Your verbal witness does not have to include all of the right biblical words, it just needs to be the story of what has happened to you.

Another spiritual need we all have is the need to grow in our walk with Him. If we are to help someone else grow spiritually, we must first be growing ourselves. I believe this starts with a hunger for His Word and the desire to talk with Him on a regular basis. As we grow we become better equipped to come along side someone else and help them do the same. This is where the motivational gifts of prophecy, teaching, and even leadership have a real impact on our success. Of course, we can only help those who have recognized the need to grow spiritually and are willing to study Gods’ Word, develop a regular prayer life and at the same time be teachable when around those who are more spiritually mature. Therefore, we need to do our part by seeing to it that we are growing and then offer our help to others that desire to do the same.

There are other spiritual needs that exist which are usually the result of complacency or indifference, bitterness, loneliness, and even unconfessed sin. These needs are wrapped up in one thing. The loss of proper fellowship with the Lord. When are fellowship with Him is diminished our relationship with those around us certainly suffers. They will have a hard time seeing Jesus in us and therefore lose their motivation to grow. We must be diligent in our efforts to keep this from happening. If we can’t help meet the spiritual needs of others, our attempts at meeting the physical needs and emotional needs of someone else are certainly not as effective as they should be. Our prayer should be that we are prayed up and studied up so that when the opportunity arises for us to help someone else we are well prepared to meet whatever need that exists.

I hope everyone has got something out of this series on service. I can tell you that it has made a difference in how I think and act when it comes to serving others. And I pray that He will continue to teach me each day how to better recognize and then help meet the needs of those I come in contact with. And that He receives all the glory and honor.



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