Service – “The Gift of Leadership”

The focus of this evening’s discussion is centered around the spiritual gift of leadership. Sometimes it is known as the gift of governments and at other times is described as the gift of organizing. I like the term leadership because it better describes this gift as one that is motivational in nature. As we talked about in the beginning of this series, we intended to stay tuned in to the motivational gifts because we wanted to recognize those gifts that are mostly used in the service to others. So we will look at the gift of leadership in that light. So, on with the discussion.

The gift of leadership is the sixth gift in our list of seven motivational gifts shown below. It may be near the end of the list but that does not take away from the importance of this gift. I think we can all agree that every endeavor that is undertaken by any group needs and even requires a good leader to insure the ultimate success of the assignment. And I think we realize that if someone is blessed with one of the other gifts we have already studied doesn’t necessarily equate to them being a good leader.  Just because a person has the gift of prophecy or teaching does not qualify them as a good leader. Most of the time to the contrary. Most of the real leaders I have known have come from very common backgrounds and don’t seem to possess any of the other gifts we have mentioned. But without them, the groups they served would be in deep trouble. As we look further at the gift of leadership, I think it will become obvious as to why.

The seven motivational gifts are:

  • Prophecy
  • Serving
  • Teaching
  • Exhortation
  • Giving
  • Leadership ***
  • Mercy

The one with the gift of Leadership has the basic motivational drive to lead others to get a project done. They have the ability to solve problems and accomplish tasks through analysis and delegation. They exhibit several other characteristics that attributes to their success. These include:

  • Although they may not be the one to do the job, they see that the job gets done.
  • They have the ability to discern the strengths, weaknesses, and talents of others.
  • They are goal oriented and are masters at long-range planning and goals
  • They always see the big picture and are willing to take whatever time is necessary to see the project to completion with good results.
  • They are cool-headed and don’t get their feathers ruffled easily. They see emotional expressions as a waste of time.
  • They can easily go unnoticed when the need for a leader arises because often times they do not have the personality of an obvious leader.

The strengths of a leader starts with their ability to be efficient, thorough, and loyal. They invest their time wisely and can handle pressure extremely well. They seem to be able to implement the impossible and use the unusable. The leader makes decisions based on what is best for the sake of the project, not what is most convenient for the workers. They also have the God-given ability to discern the true character of a person and readily recognizes laziness. 

The leader’s weaknesses can be seen sometimes in the midst of a project but not usually before the project begins. They can easily frustrate others that do not share their vision and tend to put the project before the people. Because they see expressions of emotion as unnecessary they earn the reputation of being cold-hearted or unconcerned. And they often appear to be uninvolved or uninterested because of their focus on the big picture.

The gift of leadership, like the rest of the motivational gifts, is one that is sorely needed for the church body to be successful in their mission to serve others. And without the gift being exercised properly many of the church’s endeavors would result in chaos and confusion. Even with the weaknesses that a leader may have, we all should recognize the important part they play in the success of any local church. I urge all who have this gift to step up when needed and use your gift that God has given you to the best of your ability and for His glory!

We will turn our focus next week to the last of the motivational gifts, the gift of mercy. I hope that as we do so, we will come to the conclusion that all of these gifts are certainly a blessing to those who have them and God knew exactly what He was doing as He gave them to each recipient. It is our responsibility to use them wisely so they can work together for the advancement of the gospel and service to others.

I pray that each of you have a great day in the Lord tomorrow and a wonderful week to follow. And in all that we do we bring honor to the name of Jesus.

Special Note: Reassurance will be singing tomorrow evening at Hook Street Baptist Church in Tuscumbia. The service starts at 6:00 pm and we would be honored to have you worship with us.

“What if you woke up today with only those things you thanked God for yesterday?”


One thought on “Service – “The Gift of Leadership”

  1. Bob Moore

    Great assessment of a leader. I do believe a leader can possess compassion , mercy, while carrying out God’s assignments.
    I definitely have seen where leadership did not keep focus on God and the project became. their total focus Thefolks that follow that leader can get discouraged as they need to visibly see and feel encouragement along the way. David as you have shared the gifts that each of us possess through the Holy Spirit can gre cold if the leaders are perceived not to care. These types of churches are all around us. Unfortunately, Satan moves in and divisions occur and the focus of being a lighthouse for God diminishes. Praise the Lord that not all churches have leaders that are like what I have described.
    Thanks David on an excellent article.


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