Service – “The Gift of Serving”

In our post last week we started this part of the series with a discussion on the gift of prophecy. We described some of the traits a person might have if they have been given this gift. We pointed out some of the strengths they may have and yes, even some of the weaknesses they would need to be aware of. Although it wasn’t an exhaustive study of the gift I believe it was enough to help us realize that this gift is certainly one to be used for service to others but it also must be used wisely and appropriately. For those of you who may have this gift, use if for the edification of the church and to the glory of God.

This week we will take a look at the next gift in our list of the motivational gifts below. The gift of serving is a wonderful gift and reminds us so much of how Jesus displayed this gift over and over during His short ministry on this earth. He truly came to serve, not to be served!

  • Prophecy
  • Serving ***
  • Teaching
  • Exhortation
  • Giving
  • Leadership
  • Mercy 

Serving, also known as ministering, is usually exhibited by most believers in varying degrees because it comes from an overflow of love and gratitude. However, it seems to be very prominent in certain ones and there is no doubt they have the full share of the gift from God. The basic motivational drive a person has if they have the gift of serving is a strong desire to ‘demonstrate love by meeting practical needs’. They are diligent and willing to sacrifice their time and energy to complete a task. The following describes some of the characteristics the person with this gift most likely exhibits.

  • They serve by doing and express themselves the best by the tangible work they do.
  • They prefer short-term tasks because they are fulfilled by the completion of the task.
  • They readily volunteer to serve and you can count on them to be around at the end of the project. They desire to see it through to completion.
  • They prefer to carry out the responsibilities of the task rather than having them assigned to someone else.

The strengths of someone with the gift of serving are numerous but here are a few. They tend to be one man armies. They seem to have a special grace to exercise humility in menial chores. They are always available and never say no when asked to help someone else. They appear to have a God-given strength to do physical tasks so you had better stay out-of-the-way. It has been my experience that these people seem to have a never-ending supply of energy and one can almost get tired from just watching them work.

Along with their strengths there also come a number of weaknesses for someone with this gift and it serves them well to keep them in mind. They must deal with the temptation to become over-committed which leads to stress and frustration. They can easily become frustrated with time limitations. They can become bitter and resentful if they feel like they are not appreciated. They are poor delegators. They tend to be demanding of others who are supposed to help but are not. They tend to be perfectionists, even down to the unimportant details. I think most of us have one or two of these weaknesses, including myself.

The gift of serving certainly has its place in the edification of the body. To many it may seem minor but if there was no one with this gift, a lot of things would go undone. I thank God for those to whom He has given this gift and if you are one of them I thank you for your willingness to use it in the service of others. To God be the glory!

Next week the focus will be on the gift of teaching. May God richly bless each of you this day and may you sense His presence in all that you do. Remember to thank Him for all He has done and continues to do. That is my prayer for you and myself.

“What if you woke up today with only those things you thanked God for yesterday?”

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