Service – “The Tool of Worship”

A few weeks ago we started off our series on “Service” with a preview of what we mean by that term. We mentioned that during Jesus’ time here on earth He was all about serving and ministering to others as an example to His disciples and ultimately to us. He was continually meeting the needs of those who He came in contact with, both physically and spiritually. Now, we also need to remember that every person He touched was by divine appointment as He made His way to the cross. Nonetheless, the example he set should also be a reminder to us that life is really not about how we can benefit from others but it is about us serving those around us, especially other believers in our local church. This is how we serve Him in order for Him to receive all of the glory and honor He deserves.

We also have discussed a couple of tools that we can use to help us get to a point of understanding what God desires for us to be. We have talked about the tool of prayer in which we have the honor and privilege of talking directly with God. Last week we discussed the tool of bible study in which God speaks to us through the person of the Holy Spirit as we meditate on His word. Both of these tools are very personal in nature and allows us to have an intimate relationship with Him. They are also used in a corporate setting where using them results in a more unified body and each member can be encouraged. Tonight we will look at one more tool as we emphasize the role worship plays in equipping us for service to others.

Let’s start by trying to define worship. Webster defines worship as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. It is also defined in the verb form by the act of showing reverence and adoration for a deity. But does those words really define what we mean by worship in the christian world. The Greek word “proskuneo” found in the New Testament is translated “to fall down before” or “bow down before” and the indication is that it is a state of mind when the Holy Spirit is in control. It is not just some emotional experience we have, especially if it is not done in spirit and in truth as John 4:23-34 describes. The following link is to a great article on defining worship: Christian Worship

I truly believe that all of us who have been born again and are a new creation in Christ knows when we are in a genuine spirit of worship and certainly realize that there is to be no focus on us but the focus is to be totally on Him. Again, this is normally a personal experience most of the time but also occurs in the corporate setting. To be honest, some of the greatest worship experiences I’ve had have been when I was alone, praying, studying, meditating, listening to music or just being quite. Many times I have been overwhelmed by the feeling of His presence and knew I was on Holy Ground. I’ve had the same experience on occasion during a worship service at church but regretfully not as often I would like. And it seems that the frequency continues to decrease. The church needs revival folks. I need revival! I bet you do too.

I think we all now have a feel for what true worship is so let’s come to a conclusion of what it does for us. As prayer gives us the way we can speak directly with the Father and study of His word opens up the channel for Him to speak to us, worship has a wonderful impact on us that we can’t get from anything else. True worship helps confirm and solidify that our faith and trust in Him results in fulfillment of God’s promises to us and that our faith in Him is not in vain. When we are thus reassured, we can then become the kind of servants to others that we are commanded to be. Is it any wonder that God is able to provide us with everything we need to do His will. I think not. It is up to us to take what He has given us and use it for His glory. Amen and amen.

Next week we will begin to look at some of the ways we can put service to others in action. We will see that we do that by using the tools we have but we will also see that the spiritual gift(s) that each of us have plays a major role in accomplishing the task.

May God richly bless each of you and your families in the coming days.


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