Service – “The Tool of Prayer”

The summer is fast coming to a close. The kids are back in school. The football season is about to begin. Before you know it we will be having Thanksgiving dinner, celebrating Christmas and then suddenly it’s a new year. As a matter of fact we just had the last of the summer family birthday party’s and it seems like it has been the shortest summer ever.

So what is the point to all I’ve just said? Well let’s start with the fact that the Bible says our lives are much like a vapor. Here for a little while and then, poof, gone. And for me, I’m getting closer to the poof. I am reminded every day of how short life is and I find myself wondering where it went. And I’ll bet many of you wonder the same thing. So, in light of this, how should we be using the rest of the time that we have? As I have written in previous posts, I believe we should be in the business of finishing strong in our faith and we do that by our service to the Lord. And we do that by serving others.

I think we should first consider some tools we need to help us better serve and minister to others so that’s where we will begin the “Service” series. There are a number of these tools but we will only consider a few of the most important ones. Tonight we will focus on prayer.

What is prayer? One thing for sure is it much more than just a tool. Prayer is a privilege that we have been given because Jesus eliminated the need for us to have a priest. We are no longer separated by a veil and we can come into God’s presence ourselves. We can communicate directly with the Father. How awesome that is!! But we take it so lightly and use it so little. The Bible says that our effectual fervent prayers avails much. In other words, He hears our sincere and earnest prayers and in His way and according to His will takes those prayers and brings about the results that will bring glory to Him. Through the avenue of prayer we can confess our sins, known and unknown, to Him and He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We can bring our petitions to Him and He will hear. We can thank Him for what He has done in our lives.

I believe that before we can really serve others we must be clean ourselves. And I believe the tool of prayer is the answer. I know that I don’t pray enough because, in all honesty, sincere prayer is hard work. Our minds have a tendency to drift right in the middle of prayer and it is difficult to get back on track. I believe that is why the Bible says we should go into the closet to pray. Of course, that really means a place where we are not likely to be interrupted by some outside influence. But even then, the wandering mind syndrome sometimes takes over. However, I know God will honor our efforts and help prepare us to better minister to others.

Let’s all determine to be better prayer warriors and allow Him to prepare us to be better servants for Him so we can better minister to those around us.

God bless each of you this coming week.


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