Preview of “Service”

Today has been one of the longest days I’ve had in quite a while. It started early at 4:00 AM this morning when I had to be on the job to help coordinate the replacement of a failed transformer at the plant. It went down on Friday afternoon and created the necessity to drain one furnace of molten aluminum because there would be no way to keep it at the temperature necessary to remain molten. We finally restored power with a new transformer this evening at about 6:00 PM.

However, I was able to break loose this morning long enough to go to our weekly bible study and I sure needed it. My thanks to the men who attend each week and are such an encouragement to me. The phrase “iron sharpens iron” has never been more real than it has been for the last several months. I’m so blessed to have this group to help sharpen me.

I’m still working on the new series which I will simply call “Service”. This term covers a wide variety of subtopics so we will be bouncing around on a number of them over the next several weeks. But tonight I just want to kick off the discussion with what I consider to be the major point behind everything we will look at. It is based on the best example of service that we have in God’s word. When we study the short ministry of Jesus while He was here on earth as God Incarnate, we see that everything He did in the way of service was with others in mind. We understand that He came to die for us but at the same time He showed us how we should have a heart of servant-hood towards others. The point is that before we look at ways to serve, we need to keep in mind that it is not about us. First and foremost it is about Him and the fact that He is to receive all the glory. Then it is all about others. And I repeat, it is not about us. The sooner we recognize that the better we can serve Him through serving others.

I look forward to the next few weeks and hope that we all will have a greater desire to place others first as we try to follow God’s will for our lives. I believe if we keep the thought in our minds that it is not about us we can come close to understanding the real principle’s that come to light as Jesus ministered for those three short years.

I pray all of you will have a great week and that God will bless in a mighty way.



2 thoughts on “Preview of “Service”

  1. Bob Moore

    Look forward to this Study David.
    Adrian Rogers, a man God used mightily in Memphis at Bellview Baptist would say that if s man were not serving he would sour and become critical of those arojnd him. His phrase was , if you sit in the pews, soak up the Word, you would sour, if you were not serving. If you think about it, how often is that true in the various local churches. All the time. I look with anticipation the development of serving.
    That you will write about.


  2. Ernie Perez

    Very sorry to miss our Saturday morning meeting. My Granddaughter Aria Maria was admitted Saturday morning after several intense seizures that started during the night.. She remains at ECM Hospital.


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