Christianity at Work

What a great day it has been. Started with a wonderful bible study in John 6 where Jesus walked on the water. Those of us who were there today learned a great truth. We can’t see Jesus but His eyes are always on us. However, the real truth is this. Just like when the disciples saw Jesus face to face after He arose from the grave and their faith became sight , there is coming a day when we also will see Him face to face and our faith will become sight. What a day that will be! 

After our bible study this morning we had the honor and privilege of visiting with a couple, Mark and Dana Butler in their home and having a time of prayer with them. Dana has been fighting a battle with cancer for some time and recent diagnosis indicates that it is spreading. Mark is a participant in the bible study when his job allows him to be there. After singing the great hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”, we gathered around Mark and Dana as they sat facing each other, laid hands on them and as the Lord led, several of us offered up intercessory prayer on their behalf. Mark then prayed for us and then Dana prayed for Mark and their children. We all were so moved with the sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit that the tears began to fall. It is so apparent that the Lord has given Dana a peace that is beyond comprehension just like His word says. I really believe that God did a great work in all of our hearts today and the words of the timely song “Because He Lives” became real today. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future. My life is worth the living just because He lives. Folks, this is the real way the church should function. Lifting up each other in prayer as we help bear each other’s burdens. I’m continuously amazed at how God’s word comes to life when we decide to follow it. Thank you men for being willing to step up and do those things that are out of your comfort zone. What an encouragement you are to me!

I have been considering spending a few weeks on how we as believers can put substance to what we say we believe. The fact is that we haven’t been saved just so we can miss hell and go to heaven. There is so much more to what God has for us that we can’t possibly experience it all before He calls us home. Today’s events have convinced me that a series on ways to serve would be beneficial to all of us but I need it more than anyone else. I’ll try to be ready with the first look at this topic next week. Please pray that God will lay on my heart what He wants us to know.

I pray that God will have His hand on each of you this coming week. May He richly bless you and your families.

In His love,


One thought on “Christianity at Work

  1. Ernie Perez

    Dear David,
    Lately, I have had a great deal of trouble of discerning if “storms” in my life are from affronts from the Devil or a “trials or tests” from the Lord. On our Saturday’s lesson we discussed where Jesus planned, orchestrated, and brought for and episode to the lives of His Disciples. As Brother Bobby taught, this storms are for the purpose of either correcting us or strengthening our Faiths. Just after our meeting at Helen Keller, I headed for Mark and Dana’s home. Someone ask Bobby where was the home located, and I overheard “Behind Muscle Shoals Drugs”. I was caught by no less than seven (7) “Red Lights” and lost sight of the “caravan”. I looked for Muscle Shoals Drugs with no avail. I even stopped at Genesis Jewelry to ask for directions. They had never heard of “Muscle Shoals Drugs”. I proceeded to check “behind” EVERY Drug Store in Muscle Shoals, including those by Helen Keller in Tuscumbia, and some in Sheffield. I looked for our member’s cars with no luck. I noticed a Yard Sale in the vicinity of Village Drugs, but I did not see the cars. I texted Bobby’s cell informing him that I was lost, Sent several Voice Mails, but because of the nature of the get together at Mark’s home, it would have been improper to answer the phones. On top of that, my phone kept “cutting off”. I tried to find you all until 10 am. I was very disappointed to miss it. All of this to ask you, Was this episode a horrible affront from the Devil, a “trial and Test” from the Lord, or just God did not wanted me there! Either way, I was denied a beautiful experience and be part of a great moment in the lives of Mark and Dana. It bothers me, that by me not being there, I came through as not caring about Mark and Dana’s plight, not encouraging my teachers with my presence or no being a good example to my fellow classmates. From a beautiful time of praying and learning, to utter disgust. I ruined my day, afternoon, night and I am still very sad about the whole situation. One more thing, we live in towns and cities where there are Streets and Avenues. Why not give proper directions for stupid people like me? Planning to join you all next Saturday, but who knows if I am going to be impede by the Devil or by some kind of Trial.


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