July Summer Fun

Good evening to all of you. I hope everyone had a great day today and enjoyed the mild temperatures this evening. It sure was a change from this morning. My day started with breakfast at Too Fat Sisters with several of my Saturday morning bible study partners and it was a wonderful time of just fellowship and prayer. Also saw a number of guys who I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a Sunday School class with. It’s always great to renew old acquaintances and be reminded that something we started several years ago continues to this day. A fellowship breakfast on every fifth Saturday in the year has turned out to be a great tradition. Hopefully our bible study group will also want to continue the tradition.

My day ended with the final family July birthday party for the year. Our Owen has turned 6 years old and all of the grand-kids had a great time playing laser tag with the new guns that he received as birthday gifts. Of course he won the first round of free-for-all laser tag but his team play wasn’t too good after that. However, he had a real good time and a great birthday party. As a matter of fact, everyone just left about 30 minutes ago. Well, enough of family business so we’ll move on to something else.

As I finished up with the Then and Now series last week I began thinking about where to go from here. It seems that most of my recent posts have centered around issues that are negative in nature but are quite real. For the record, I am not an unhappy pessimist but I do consider myself a realist. More than that, I lean more heavily towards optimism most of the time. And the reason for that is because I realize no matter what is going on in this old world are even in our churches God is still in control and nothing has caught Him by surprise. He is still in the saving business and I’m so thankful for that because there are still others that I love that have not responded to His invitation to accept His gift of salvation. To get to the point, I want to spend the next few weeks on some things that will be a great deal more positive and should be a great encouragement to all of us. So hang one and we will begin that ride next week.

In way of announcements I want to remind you of the open bible study we have every Saturday morning at 7:30 am. We meet at Helen Keller Hospital in the 2000 medical office building behind the hospital and the study lasts about an hour. It is great time with other guys who live the Lord and God’s word. We are going through the book of John verse by verse and what a great study it has been so far. So, welcome to all of you. We would love to have you be a part. 

One more thing before we sign off. Our men’s vocal group Reassurance will be singing tomorrow evening at Washington Park Baptist Church. The service starts at 6:00 PM and if you like classic southern gospel music and traditional hymns of the faith I believe you will really be blessed by being a part of this worship experience. We are so excited and humbled about the way God is blessing our ministry and how it seems the people are encouraged and reassured that Jesus is all we need. We would be honored by your presence.

May God richly bless each and every one of you.


One thought on “July Summer Fun

  1. Ernie Perez

    Thank You! Brother David. Can’t wait until Saturday morning for our Bible Study and Prayer. This meetings helps me throughout the week. It encourages me to be in Prayer and Study my lesson for Sunday morning Sunday School Class. Love you Brother!


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