Out of Control? There Is An Answer

Boy, what a beautiful day that God blessed us with today! Started the morning with a wonderful group of men, studying God’s word together, lifting each other up in prayer and making plans on how we can better minister to those around us. Spent the rest of the day removing a large pecan tree in the front yard so we can attempt to get some grass to grow. Becky and I sure make a good team!

Last week we talked about how it seems this world is spinning out of control. We discussed the fact that it is the result of a severe moral future on man’s part. This has dramatically affected our families, our churches and our great country. We also decided that it is probably no worse today than it has been in the past, we are just more aware of it because of the advanced technologies we have at our fingertips. So amid all of this mess the first question is this; “What can we as believers do to ensure we don’t become apathetic and begin to slowly become like the rest of the world?” Number two is this; “How can we make things better for those who will follow behind us?” And thirdly; “Can we really have an impact and make a difference?”

Well, those are some mighty tough questions? However, I believe we should answer the last one first. And the answer is an emphatic and resounding “Yes!” This leads us then to determine the answer to the other two.  The answer to these is really quite simple if we just stop and think about it. The answer is certainly not found in some thing or some action. The real answer is found in someone. Someone who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Someone who was in the beginning and is the beginning and the end. Of course that someone is Jesus. Yes, He’s the One. The only One.

Okay, now that we have answers to those three questions, how do we fit into the overall solution? I believe that our reliance on God’s word is what creates the greatest potential for us to have an impact in this world. First of all, if we stay in His word we will be more likely to communicate with Him on a regular basis through prayer. Study of His word and our prayer life are the things that keep us in tune with the Holy Spirit who directs our lives in such a manner that we don’t succumb to apathy. Our fellowship with other believers also plays a huge role in our desire to become more like Him. As we grow in Christ we begin to rely more and more on His word and this is our best defense against apathy. In addition to resisting the pressure to become apathetic this also results in our desire to live our lives before others so that they may see Jesus in us. By this means, we are thus making things better for those to follow. Our lives should encourage others as they see the examples of how one should live in order to have a positive impact on the saved and the lost alike.

To summarize; it is critical that we remember who we belong to, we communicate with Him on a daily basis and that we stay committed to His word at all costs. This is our best chance to stay out of the apathy trap and be a real witness to the world around us. I pray that I personally will pay heed to the words I have written and be a doer of the word and not a hearer only. Will you join me?

To the glory, praise and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We owe it all to Him!!


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