Out of Control?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why the world around us seems to be spinning out of control? If you turn on the TV and tune in to any of the news networks, you will be hard pressed to find anything positive about what they are reporting. What you will hear is many opinions regarding what is and should be acceptable in today’s society and how out of touch many of us are because we hold to traditional moral values. We are constantly told there is no room for those who believe in the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage as established and ordained by God. We are told that we are intolerant because we do not believe that homosexuality is a natural and acceptable alternative lifestyle. As a matter of fact, most of the television programs today attempt to make this so, especially all of the ridiculous sitcoms. Yet we sit right there and take it all in, we absorb it like the rest of the world and pretend that it won’t affect us or our relationship with God. Boy, Satan has done a number on us. His lies from the pits of hell are taking their toll.

But, are things any more out of control now than they have been in the past? Somewhat but not that much. The biggest difference today is that the technology is so much more advanced it has led to an increase in our knowledge of all of the things that go on around us. However, I believe there is no doubt that there has been a significant decrease in man’s reliance on the biblical values that we once held so dear. I believe it is both an individual apathy and also a corporate apathy that has resulted from the decline in those values, and it has adversely affected our families, churches and our country.

The thing we really need to remember is that none of this has caught God off guard. It is not new to Him and He has dealt with these same issues many times through the ages. We can rest assured that even thought it appears to be out of control, it is actually still under His control. His plan hasn’t changed and He will bring it to the ultimate end in His timing. Just as He promised.

Next week we will discuss what we as believers can do to improve the situation and do our part to make things better for the generation’s to follow. It is very simple and we can certainly have a positive impact on the future.

May God richly bless each of you this coming week!


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