Finishing Strong, Part 4

Hello everybody. What a beautiful day the Lord gave us. I heard a lot of lawnmowers in my neighborhood today which indicates that Spring is just around the corner. Sure has been a short winter!

As I suggested last week, we will look at  finishing strong from a “fight” perspective. But first let’s review what Paul wrote to Timothy when he was talking about finishing strong. In 2nd Timothy 4:7 Paul’s words are recorded like this; “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” and these words should also be our motto for helping us to finish strong. We have already discussed the matter of running and finishing the race so let’s move on to fighting the good fight.

As we pointed out earlier with regards to running the race, that one must start the race before they can run it and finish it. The same way with a fight. You can’t fight the fight if you are not in the fight to begin with. So here I will repeat the same question I had before: “Are we in the fight?” Again, to be in the fight one must have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and have determined in their heart to live a life of obedience. If you have done that, I guarantee you’re in a fight just like I am. Just this week I have been witness to certain events involving two people I love and respect very much where they have been compelled to make decisions that sure indicates that the fight is on. In addition, I have had my own personal struggles lately where I have been reminded again that I’m indefinitely in a battle. Satan never gives up. His attacks are incessant but sometimes so subtle we don’t recognize them for what they are until it is too late. That’s why God’s Word is so important. It is our main weapon for the fight.

Not only did Paul talk about his fight but he said he had fought the good fight. Now that brings up the question of how we fight a good fight. If you have ever watched a boxing match it should have been obvious that the winner is the one who has the best defense against the other’s blows but is also able to deliver strong blows himself. In other words, we must be defensive and offensive fighters in order to fight the good fight. As I stated above, the best tool we have for both positions is the ability to appropriately apply God’s Word to our everyday battles. So to fight the good fight we must spend time with Him for encouragement and in His word to keep our sword sharp and our shield in front of us. Amen and amen.

Next week we will discuss the last part of the verse about keeping the faith. In the meantime let’s apply what we have learned so far so we can fight the good fight and we can finish the race….strong.

May good richly bless each and every one of you.


One thought on “Finishing Strong, Part 4

  1. Kirk Bishop

    Amen David! Thank you for this post and your transparency in sharing the truth that affects all of us. I know we all have our own battles, but I’m so grateful for my church family and other men like you that have been faithful and gone down the road ahead of me.

    God bless!



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