A Lesson From Life

Good evening all. I apologize for the lateness of the hour. The time just got away from me and it was almost midnight before I knew it. It has been a long week at work and I haven’t recovered yet. I’ve discovered this week that I’m not cut out for the off-shift work for any length of time.

Becky and I had lunch with one of our grandsons this week at school because it was Grandparents Day. As most of you know, it is a big deal for the kids. What was really interesting about it was the number of grandparents that we knew. After several people had stopped at the table to exchange pleasantries my grandson asked me this question; “Papa Dave, how many people do you know?” My quick response was “When you’ve lived as long as I have you will know as many people as I do.”, and he was satisfied with that answer. Little did I realize that the conversation would stay with me for a while.

Later that day I began to think about the question he asked and several thoughts came to my mind. First of all is the fact that I have lived well past half of my expected life span and therefore I don’t have many years left in this world. It’s almost depressing because it seems like only yesterday that we were having lunch with one of our girls at that very same school without any thought that we would be sitting there with one of our grandchildren some years later.

As I pondered more over the incident, I also begin to think about how that I haven’t used the time God has given me as well as I should have and maybe to the extent He expects. Although I have made a conscious effort to keep my priorities in the right order there have been may times I have drifted off in the wrong direction. But thanks be to God, He has always brought something or someone into my life that He used to correct me and set me back on a proper path.

The other haunting thought was this; “What kind of impact have I had on all of those people my grandson believes I know?” I would hope it has been what it should be but I know that I have fallen short again in many instances. There have been times I didn’t encourage someone when I should have or I didn’t show compassion or I didn’t share God’s love or His gospel and so on and so on. But even with my failures God has been so good to me and continues to bless me with His love, mercy and grace.

So then, what have I learned from such a simple event in my life? First of all, life is much shorter than any of us realize. When looked at in comparison to how long this world has been in existence, it truly is just a vapor. Secondly, my priorities should be in the right order and that I should use my time wisely. In other words, the right priorities should be the priority. And last but not least, I should purpose and endeavor to have a positive impact and influence on those around me, especially my family. and friends. And the best way to do that is to let others see Jesus in me. May it be so!

Summary: Life is short, time is precious and others first.


One thought on “A Lesson From Life

  1. Kirk Bishop

    Good word David! I’m not too far behind you and God has impressed on me recently the importance of using time wisely to invest in the kingdom of God. I’m preaching a series of messages about investing in the kingdom. Goes well with what you shared.




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