Are You Hungry?

Greetings everyone. I hope all is well with each of you and your week has been one full of blessings and peace. For me, I’ve been constantly reminded of how blessed I am to have good friends, a wonderful family and reasonably good health. We all need to stop and think how truly blessed we are, without exception. The Lord is so good to us.

One of the things that has really been on mind this week is how easy it is to get so caught up in day-to-day affairs that I don’t spend the time I need to with Him. I don’t spend time in prayer like I should and I don’t read His word like I should. The problem is that it not only affects my relationship with Him but also with those around me. I really believe it all comes down to my lack of hunger for His word and how I don’t get the spiritual nutrition I so desperately need. 

The sad thing is that I don’t think I’m the only christian that has that problem. I think it is more wide-spread than any of us realize. That is probably why we have seen such a decline in attendance in our local churches and why Sunday School seems to have lost the priority it once had. We are just not spiritually hungry. And if anyone is not hungry it usually means one of two things. It could be an indication that we are already full of something other than God’s word and therefore the hunger pains are not there. Or it could mean we are spiritually ill and we do not have the appetite for the nourishment we need. In either case, our spiritual growth comes to a standstill.

So the question is; “What do we do about it?” so that we can move forward in our walk with Him. Well probably the first thing we need to do is confess any sin in our life. Whether they be sins of commission or omission we need to be honest with ourselves and with God. He certainly knows our situation so it would be futile not to be honest with Him. I think then we should earnestly pray that He will give us a renewed desire to study His word and  spend time in prayer on a regular basis. In other words, to make us spiritually hungry again. And then as we feed on His word we take it and apply it to our daily lives so that others can see Jesus in us. Again, in other words, be the obedient child of God that He expects us to be. And let it begin with me!

May God richly bless you as we grow together in Him.


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