Defending Sin

Good evening all. I hope everyone had a great week this past week and have continued to enjoy the warmer temperatures. The rain has been plentiful and there is a hint of green everywhere you look. But we all know that old man winter is not asleep and there is cold weather waiting in the wings. I sure hope it is not a bitter cold and it doesn’t tarry long.

It has certainly be an eventful week on the national scene with the inaugeration of a new president and all the pomp and circumstance that goes with it. The first of his cabinet appointments have been approved and he is already attempting to keep some of his campaign promises. Of course all of that is being done under a heavy curtain of criticism by those who think they have all the answers.

I know the title of today’s post caught your attention because it has a strange ring to it. But my intent is to share my point of view on what is happening across our country today and the adverse affects it brings. I realize everyone has an opinion but when you take a look at what God’s word says about certain things then opinions have no value.

As I write this, there are a number of protests going on across the country that seem to be making headlines for every news outlet whether it be newspaper, magazine, television or internet. But if you stop to consider who the protesters are and the subject of their concerns it should become obvious how steep the moral decline has been for our nation. I certainly respect the right for anyone to peacefully protest as long as they don’t break the law in any way and respect the rights of others. But we all know that is not what’s happening. This leads to exactly why I chose the title.

Everything I hear from these groups is their belief that the agenda they push is a respectable and normal way of life. Whether they are supporting homosexuality, abortion, racial hatred, legalizing drugs or any other of their perversions it is apparent they are intent on trying to normalize sin and require everyone else to do as they do. Therefore what they are really doing is defending sin and it’s ugliness so that they can live a life of perversion without accountability.  And this is nothing new. It has happened throughout the history of mankind. The problem is that they are trying to replace God’s standards with their own standards in hopes that they can get by with it. However, their own conscience bears witness of their condition and God’s word lays all sin to bare so they are without excuse. Defending sin is a very dangerous path to walk.

In spite of all that’s been said there is still good news. God loves each and every sinner and there is nothing they have done or any perverted belief they hold beyond the reach of His grace. The price has been paid and the gift of forgiveness is offered. Repentance is required but eternal life is promised. How do I know? Because this sinner has been there but His grace has changed my life. If He can do that for me He can do it for anyone. Thank you Lord!

May God bless each of you is my prayer.




One thought on “Defending Sin

  1. Bob Moore

    David, you are spot on!! Understanding the majority of our culture today is helpful fo understanding behavior patterns.
    Today in the US many believe:

    No absolute truth
    No standards
    No rules
    No judge

    Oh but how wrong those beliefs are. Unfortunately for all who do not hear the Good News, and freely accept it and repent , will be standing before their God to be judged and be found guilty to spend eternity in Hell. Yes indeed prayer for all and someone to stand up and say, ” Here I am Lord, send me”, to carry the message.


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