The Lack of Real Gospel Preaching

Let’s start this discussion with a question. How long has it been since you heard a real gospel message from the pulpit? I’m not talking about some watered down version that doesn’t really tell the full story of man’s predicament. And then some call to just surrender. Today there are many preachers that don’t even give an altar call. What has happened to the power of the pulpit?

I can remember a time that when God’s man got behind the podium everyone waited in anticipation to hear a word from God through His servant. But it seems that the pulpits of today are full of men that don’t appear to have spent any time with God before they deliver their sermon. As a matter of fact, I’m reluctant to call it a message because in order for there to be a message from God the preacher must first hear from God then share it with the people. Most of what you here today in the average church is canned sermons that have no meat to them and certainly don’t present a clear gospel message for the ears of the lost sinner in the audience. They attempt to make things happen by presenting calculated and targeted sermons instead of relying on the real power of God’s Word. What has happened to the power of the pulpit?  

Another question. When is the last time you really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the sermon? I’m talking about the convicting Holy Spirit that reveals to us our sinful condition. The Holy Spirit that dwells inside each believer so that we can have fellowship with the Father. The Holy Spirit that draws lost men to the Father because of the power of the gospel that has been presented by God’s man. If it has been a while, one of three things is probably wrong. The message is not being presented from the pulpit or our fellowship has been broken because of unconfessed sin in our lives. Or we don’t belong to Him. What has happened to the power of the pulpit?   

I don’t know about you but I long for those days again when God’s man delivers a message from God Himself and it is apparent that God’s man has been with God before he brought the message. And no matter what the topic is, somewhere in the message is a clear and convicting presentation of the real gospel. I must admit that over the last several months I have had the opportunity to hear the gospel presented in virtually every message the pastor has brought and it is refreshing to my soul. I hope and pray that each reader can say the same thing or find a church to attend where that is the case. Again, What has happened to the power of the pulpit?

Let’s pray that God will restore that power by raising up more preacher’s willing to take on the task.

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