Saturday Evening Post – June 4, 2016

Good evening all. I hope everyone had a great week because I sure did. Our trip to Washington DC and Williamsburg was wonderful. I have been so reminded that I should be forever grateful to God for allowing me to be born in these United States of America. And at the same time, it is somewhat depressing to realize how far away from our roots we have gotten in just the last few years.

From Jamestown, the first permanent settlement, to the writing of the Declaration of Independence, to the Revolutionary War, to the framing of the Constitution and then to the formation of our system of government, the history I have seen and heard this week makes it very obvious that our forefathers founded this country using God’s word as its foundation. Even through the many conflicts, many men of great faith fought for the freedom of this country and it’s citizens. The World War II, Korean Conflict and Vietnam memorials and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a reminder that we still exist as a country because of the mercy and grace of God.

All of this is why I have such a hard time with the people I saw this week that are not Americans and seem to be here to benefit themselves but not giving anything back in return. If nothing else, they should at least be required to learn to speak our language.

I hope all of you have a great day in the Lord tomorrow. Will you join me in praying that our nation will return to God and His word in hopes that God will bless America again?




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