Saturday Evening Post-May 21, 2016

Good evening everyone. Sorry about the lateness of the hour. We have survived our first birthday party of the year here at our house and it has been a long day. I believe the youngsters had a good time in the swimming pool even though the water was not as warm as most of us would require. It’s amazing how 6 six year old kids can tolerate undesirable temperatures when there is fun to be had!

I will keep my comments short tonight due to it being so late and the fact that I am not prepared to begin the next series of discussions regarding today’s issues in the church. I am working on the first of the series but I am not quite ready to release it. Although we will be on vacation I plan to share what I think as the number one issue in the post next Saturday.

I don’t know about you but I love Spring. I love to see the trees and the flowers begin to turn green and blossom out. I love to watch the robins build their nests and the bees go from clover to clover gathering what they need. Even the air seems to smell different because of the newness of life that surrounds us. It is a wonderful reminder of what has happened in our own lives if we have placed our faith and trust in Jesus. We have been raised in newness of life much like the surroundings we see in Spring. What an amazing thought. And all because of His amazing grace!

I hope each of us have taken advantage of any opportunities we’ve had this past week to share the good news of the gospel. I especially hope our lives have been a gospel witness and that it is a reflection of the new life we now have.

I pray that each of you will have a wonderful day in the Lord tomorrow. May God bless.


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