Saturday Evening Post – May 14, 2016

Good evening to all. I know it’s late but it’s been a long day. Worked in the yard until time to go to a school play. Didn’t get home until around 9:00 pm. So I’m just now getting to this week’s post.

Earlier I was reading my daily bible passages and listening to some praise and worship music. An old song came up in the que that I have not heard in a while. It  reminded me of how God takes care of us as we trust in Him daily. The chorus goes like this:

Through it all. Through it all. I’ve learned to trust in Jesus. I’ve learned to trust in God.

Through it all. Through it all. I’ve learned to depend upon His Word.

It still amazes me how He brings to our minds His words of comfort and encouragement when we really need it. Thank you Father! Thank you Jesus!

I’ve been compiling a simple list of the issues that I believe are causing so much complacency and confusion in churches today. Please keep in mind that these have come from my personal observations but are also somewhat biased in the direction of my personal beliefs. I’m sure that others, including you guys, may have totally different views and certainly different perspectives from what I may have. As I begin to share my thoughts about these in the future posts, I would love to know your thoughts and have your comments on anything that I present. Even if it is contrary to what I believe and share.

It is my honor to call you friends and brothers in Christ. I am so blessed to have been around each one of you because you have had a tremendous impact on my life. May God bless each of you!