Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello everyone. It has been a long day. Had to work today and then came home and planted seeds in my raised vegetable garden. Becky I went to dinner after that and so we are just now settling down for the evening. I hope each of you had a great day and enjoyed God’s beautiful sunshine and all of the trees and flowers that are starting to bud and bloom. 

It has been somewhat of a tragic week for several families in our area. The sudden death of an expectant mother and her unborn baby, an electrocution of a TVA employee and the traffic fatality of a DOT employee. The sad thing is that they were all still relatively young. It is a reminder to all of us that we are not promised the next breath. My heart goes out to the families and we all need to lift them up in our prayers.

I’m working on the final word in my series “Wonderful Words of Life” and I’m very excited about it. The word is probably the most important one and is certainly a wonderful word. As a matter of fact this word goes hand in hand with all of the other words we have studied. It is taught, preached and sung more that any other word I can think of in the Bible. Have you figured it out yet? You’re right. It is Grace! There is so much to say about God’s grace that I’m having a hard time condensing my comments down to a reasonable reading. But I will be ready for next week’s post.

Many thanks to those who have commented about the series. I am so blessed to hear from you. God bless each of you . See you next weekend.



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