Saturday Evening Post – March 19, 2016

Good evening everyone. I hope this finds all of you well and you’ve had a great week. Although a little cooler than what we have been experiencing lately, it has been a beautiful day and it’s obvious spring is here. Becky and I were in Virginia last week on business and we came back home across the Blue Ridge Mountains and north Georgia. The mountains are not showing the signs of spring yet but they will soon.

Speaking of spring, next Sunday is Easter and believers all over the world will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. I believe that His being raised from the dead is the most important event to ever occur throughout all of human history. I realize that His birth and life on earth was necessary for Him to be subjected to all things that we are and still not sin. I also understand that His death on the cross was necessary for our sin debt to be paid in full. But the fact is that if He had not arose then the other events would really have no value. It took His overcoming death to give us eternal life. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Father! Thank you Holy Spirit for your constant reminder that we belong to Him!

I am working on the next word study for the “Wonderful Words of Life” series. The word we will look at next is the word love. This word is so important to every person and especially to us as believers, I hope I will be able to do it justice. We will find that the word can and does mean many things depending on the person and the situation. Obviously it will be my intent to define it from a biblical perspective because it is the basis for our very salvation. I hope to have it ready by next Saturday.

Thanks to all of you for reading the series and I would love to have your input. I want to always be teachable because I understand God can and does use other people to teach me if I remain open to them.

God bless each of you and have a wonderful Lord’s Day!

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