Wonderful Words of Life – Preface

The change that occurs in a person’s life who has truly accepted God’s offer of salvation and eternal life is very dramatic. The change is so remarkable that they begin to develop an attitude of gratitude especially for what God did for them. There is a sincere feeling of wonder and awe as to why He would do that for such a sinner. It leads to a new understanding of who is in control and a willingness to obey Him and share with others what has happened. It is truly a new birth.

Something that I have discovered about this experience is that certain words used to describe the change and results of this new birth have a completely new meaning than they had before. Many of them are common words that are written, read and spoken every day and the same words I have used many times myself. But now their meaning is much deeper than I understood before I was saved. As a matter of fact, the depth of their meanings seems to increase as I grow older and as I grow spiritually from my study of God’s Word.

What I hope to do in this series is take a few of these familiar words and try to develop a better understanding of their meaning in the context of what God has given us and what He expects. Many of these words will be familiar as fruits of the spirit and others will be words used by the writers of the scriptures but inspired by the Holy Spirit. This will be a challenging journey and I realize what I share will be from a personal perspective. However, it is my intent to make sure that it is founded on God’s Word and is sound from a theological standpoint.

As I pursue this endeavor I would welcome any comments or suggestions that the reader would like to make. I know that iron sharpens iron and I can always use more sharpening.

We will begin the series by looking at the word peace in the next session.

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