New Series Planned

I want to thank all of you for the kind comments with regards to my recent series called “The Gospel Revived”. When I started out with it, my intent was to show how simple the real gospel is and how easily it can be shared. The fact is, as I got involved again in the scriptures that I used, the Lord did a new work in me by reminding me that it is my responsibility to not only live out the gospel but share it with others more than I do. I pray that I will continue to have the awareness that I need to recognize the opportunities when they present themselves and then the boldness I need to share.

The other goal I had with the series was to present the gospel that I have been exposed to for many years, the gospel I was taught, the gospel I received that resulted in my salvation and not some diluted or misguided version that seems to be rampant these days. I hope I have made it clear as to how I believe and that I will not be shaken from my faith. I know that it is by His grace that I have been saved but I also know that I had to make a choice between His grace or my works. I’m so glad I made the right choice! I pray you have too.

I’m working on a new series that I believe will be of great benefit to me and some others that may need an encouraging word. I plan to call it “Wonderful Words of Life” and I will be looking at various single words that describe what we have received from God as a result of our saying yes to His call. I’m working on the first one now and hope to have the first session in the series ready by next Saturday. You will need to stay tuned to find out what it will be but I’m very excited about it.

Again, thank you for the words of encouragement and being such an influence on my life. I thank God for each one of you. And another reminder. If for some reason you would prefer for me to remove you from my circulation list I will certainly honor that. I love each of you and hope that God blesses you in a mighty way this coming week.


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