Sin’s Result

As we have already seen in Romans 3:23, all men (everyone) have sinned (born with a sin nature) and therefore cannot measure up to God’s holy standards. That being said, then the natural question that should follow is “What is the result of man’s sin?”. To find the answer to that question let’s again look at what God’s Word has to say about it. Again, in his letter to the Romans, Paul perfectly describes what man can expect as a result of his sin condition. The first half of verse 23 in chapter 6 of Romans makes the assertion “For the wages of sin is death,”  and from that we discover a number of important truths.  Let’s break it down into two simple observations.

First , he uses the word ‘wages’  to infer that whatever the result of our sin, it is something we actually earn. In other words, man gets what he deserves because of his sin and is responsible and accountable for what he receives. Neither God nor any other man is responsible for our sin and therefore we must settle for what we have earned. The word picture is used to make this very clear.

Secondly, the word ‘death’ is used to describe the ultimate result of our sin. When one thinks or speaks of death, most of the time it is in the physical sense that it is being considered. This is certainly true because  of the sin nature we have inherited as result of Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden. Remember, God had said they would surely die if they ate of the fruit from the forbidden tree. If you read the rest of the story in Genesis you will see that eventually they indeed died a physical death and no longer had a presence on the earth. But is that all there is to the death that Paul talks about in his letter? I think not.

There is another result of man’s sin that is worse than physical death. We know this as spiritual death and that simply means the eternal separation from God. God desires to have an intimate relationship with every person that has ever been born or to be born but man’s sinful condition doesn’t allow that to happen. We must remember that God is holy and cannot have any association with sin. Therefore man has what appears to be a hopeless situation because his sin nature can only do what is natural and that is to sin. So eternal separation from God is our ultimate destiny after physical death and it is what we have earned as sinners. The sad thing about this situation is that there is nothing any of us can do to bring an end to this dilemma. Unless a miracle takes place in our lives we are doomed because ‘the wages of sin is death.”

We now see that we all our sinners and cannot have a relationship with God in that condition. We also see that the ultimate result of our condition is physical death and with that comes spiritual death, eternal separation from God with no hope. The question then becomes ” How can God be a God of love and leave us in that condition?” Well take heart. Next week we will take a look at the rest of verse 23 and see what Paul has to say about a possible solution to our problem. Remember, God still desires a relationship with each of us.

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