The Gospel Revived – Preface

One of the things that concerns me the most these days is that I don’t hear a clear presentation of the gospel from the pulpit anymore. For that very reason I believe many opportunities are being missed to see people saved in our churches today. Of course, my observation is based on hearing only one person preaching at the church I have been attending but I hear the same complaint from members of other local churches.

It appears to me that many of the younger preachers seem to be carefully presenting the gospel in such a way that leads one to believe that somehow the theology has changed from what I have known for many years. I think many church members (Christians?) these days do not have an understanding of what the real gospel is and therefore they don’t know any difference. Any attempt to question what is being presented results in the questioner being labeled as a whiner and complainer.

Over the next few weeks I plan to discuss what I believe is the real Gospel and will back that up with God’s Word. I will use what is commonly referred to as the Roman Road and we will see where it takes us. So, be ready next week for a discussion on man’s inherited condition as described in Romans 3:23.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”

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